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D.I.Y Diffuser Bracelets – Using Essential Oils with Semi-Precious Stones

If you love the beauty of semi-precious bracelets and the calming power of essential oils, then you will adore the combination of both! DIY diffuser bracelets combine the best of both worlds and allow you to enjoy the sparkle of semi-precious stones on your wrist all day while also getting the benefits of natural essential oils. Porous beads will enable the aromatherapy oils to be absorbed, leaving you with beautiful smelling wrists for up to two days before a reapplication is required. Keep reading to discover how you can create... Read More


The Perfect Way to String Semi-Precious Stones.

Mala beads were traditionally used for Buddhist prayer recitals and consist of 108 individually knotted beads. Mathematicians during the Vedic understood the number 108 to hold cosmological significance. Religious mystics believed it to represent spiritual completion and was, therefore, a sacred number. Garlands strung with 108 beads were used as a counting tool when repeating mantra during meditation, and many traditional prayer necklaces feature larger beads at significant marker points, to indicate a halfway. In recent times, the mala has been adopted by health and wellbeing communities, yogis and fashionistas.... Read More

Kids Crafts | Beads Online 23/06/2016

Top 5 Kids’ Crafts to Keep Them Busy This Summer

Entertaining kids in the summer months can be challenging, particularly on those rainy days when playing out isn’t an option. We recommend stocking up on craft supplies and having a few of these rainy day activities in the bank for when the storm clouds roll in. Buy beads online in bulk and you’ll have enough to keep your little ones entertained whatever the weather. Button bracelets These are an easy and fun way to teach sewing techniques, and they’ll have a fun and colourful bracelet to wear at the end,... Read More


Semi-Precious Stones and Their Meaning

Here at The Bead Shop, you can find a wide range of gemstones and semi-precious beads that can be used to customise or create your own jewellery. The use of semi-precious beads as an ornament dates back thousands of years. Most famed were the Ancient Egyptians who embelished jewellery for noble men and women with lapiz Lazuli, Obsidian, Garnet & Carnelian to name a few. Craftmen working with semi-precious could be located across the globe; Turkey, Greece, France all favoured these exotic natural materials. Semi-Precious Stones have remained popular and... Read More


How to Make Beaded Hoop Earrings

        When it comes to doing your Christmas shopping, there’s always that one person who is impossible to buy for. Sometimes it can be a real struggle to find the perfect gift for them. The good news is that you may be able to tackle this problem by making your own gifts instead. If you’re new to the world of beading, making jewellery yourself may seem like a real challenge, so we’ve created this step-by-step guide to get you started. You’re welcome! Let’s start by making these gorgeous... Read More


Important Tools For Making A Kumihimo Bracelet

If you’re new to the world of Kumihimo braiding, it can be tricky to know where to start. Here are the most important tools you’ll need: Kumihimo Braiding Disk A braiding disk is an essential part of the Kumihimo process. There are three different types to choose from, including 6” round braiding discs, 4.25” round braiding discs and 6” square braiding plates.  Kumihimo thread Although there are a wide variety of cords to choose from, Superlon Bead Cords are one of the most popular options amongst enthusiastic Kumihimo bracelet makers. It’s easy... Read More

Handmade Jewellery Christmas Tree 10/12/2015

8 Handmade Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree

For many people, the Christmas tree is a vital part of the festive season and the tree-decorating process itself can be a really exciting activity. However, if you’re trying to save money, be kinder to the environment, or you simply fancy getting creative, why not make your own? Here are just a few handmade alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree we know and love.     Necklace Tree What better way to showcase all your handmade jewellery than to display them in the shape of a tree? We’ve fallen in... Read More

Jewellery Making Blog 25/11/2015

Handmade Christmas Jewellery Ideas

With Christmas just a month away, it’s time for beading and handmade jewellery enthusiasts to start thinking about what they’ll make this year. Whether you’re making gifts for your friends or jewellery for your work Christmas party, there are so many styles to choose from. Here we run through just a few of this season’s styles you could recreate: Ear cuffs Make a statement at your work’s Christmas party by wearing some fierce and fearless ear cuffs. These are easy to make with the help of the following tools: Craft... Read More

Beading Supplies 18/11/2015

How to Make a Beaded Snowflake Decoration

Decorating our homes has to be one of our favourite parts of the festive season. From hanging fairy lights on the tree to filling every surface with snowflake ornaments, everything about Christmas decorations is fun. However, believe it or not, it’s possible to make the home decorating process even more satisfying – by making your own! If you’ve never made your own decorations before, it may seem like a daunting challenge, but the good news is we have plenty of decoration-making tools at The Bead Shop to make the process... Read More

Swarovski Crystals 13/11/2015

3 Ways To Use Swarovski Beads

If you like your jewellery to be stylish and sophisticated, Swarovski beads could be the perfect addition to your jewellery making toolkit. These high quality beads are durable and attractive, allowing you to create stylish and high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. There are a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. If anything, you might struggle to decide which ones to use! Necklace For that world famous Swarovski quality and shine, Swarovski crystals can be the perfect statement-making addition to a necklace.... Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Beading

Whether you’re a jewellery addict looking to make your own personalised creations or someone hoping to make money by selling handmade bracelets, there are plenty of things to take into account when venturing into the world of beading for the first time. Here are just a few of the key things to consider:  Learn some basic skills Whether you’re planning on working with traditional beads or crystal-like pendants, most projects require a few basic skills. For example, you’re likely to need to know how to open and close a jump ring and... Read More

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Creating the Perfect Wedding Day Accessory

When it comes to weddings, every bride wants the perfect day. This includes getting every last little detail of her outfit and accessories right, in order to look and feel her best. Many of you will be able to relate to that feeling of looking in the mirror before you walk down the aisle, feeling the best you have every felt.           If you want to create that feeling for someone else, we have created the perfect bridal bracelet using traditional Swarovski pearls, so that you... Read More

Seed Beads | Toho Seed Beads | The Bead Shop 16/07/2015

Five Ways With Seed Beads

                    Seed beads are one of the most versatile beads when it comes to jewellery making and crafts. They are teeny, tiny little beads that can be used in endless ways. Unlike many other types of beads, their size means they can’t be sold by number, so they are sold on weight instead. Sizes generally range from half millimetre to around 2 millimetres in length. One of the reasons they are so versatile, is the huge range of colours and shapes... Read More

How to make a charm bracelet | jewellery making | The Bead Shop 08/07/2015
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Jewellery Making for Beginners: How to Make a Charm Bracelet

When it comes to buying a gift for a loved one, charm bracelets are always high on the agenda. But they are so much more meaningful when they are hand crafted and contain charms that have a personal meaning, or memory attached to them. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing your charms, so you can be as inventive as you like. These bracelets are so easy to make, you will find yourself creating new ones for every occasion!                  ... Read More

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Get Festival Ready with a Handmade Flower Crown

Although we haven’t been lucky enough to see much sunny weather so far this year, festival season is still right around the corner. But if you haven’t managed to get your hands on any Glastonbury tickets, it doesn’t mean you can’t still rock that signature festival look. Daisy crowns fly off the shelves at this time of the year, but if you want to add a unique touch to yours, we can show you how to make something extra special. Making a flower crown couldn’t be any easier. You will... Read More

happy mothers day 13/03/2015

Make Your Mother’s Day with a Unique Necklace

Are you struggling for original Mother’s Day ideas this year? Perhaps you’re in competition with yourself  to top what you bought last year, or maybe you’re a bit bored of buying the same old bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, we are all hoping to show our mums just how much they mean to us, and what better way to do so than with a thoughtful necklace that you can customise in whatever way you choose? If you’re looking to add more of... Read More

Glass Beads | DIY Christmas Decorations 11/12/2014

How To Make Beaded Christmas Snowflake Decorations

The nights are drawing in and the air is getting crisp and that can only mean one thing: Christmas is here! We love the feeling you only find at Christmas. Rushing in from the cold to warm up, sharing good times with loved ones and choosing the perfect gifts for that special day. Well, what better way to celebrate this wonderful time (and showcase your beading skills!) than by making your own festive decorations?   These wintery snowflakes are so easy to make and, honestly, the most difficult part is... Read More


How To Make a Light Catcher By Melting Pony Beads

                              If you think beads are exclusively used in jewellery projects then think again. Plastic Pony beads will melt very easily in a kitchen oven making them the perfect material to create multi coloured melted objects. All you will need is a cake tin with removable bottom and biscuit cutters in a shape of your choice. The wonderful thing about melting plastic pony beads is that once cooled, the plastic retracts slightly making your now hardened shape... Read More


How To Make A Lace Necklace

  To me, lace has always oozed elegance and grace, it brings with it visions of fantasy, fairy tales and for some reason Beatrix Potter.   Whether it’s the trimming on an exquisite garment or the tiniest detail on handcrafted soft furnishing, it brings with it a touch of classical beauty not reserved exclusively for period dramas and grandma’s doilies.  With this in mind, I was inspired to create a lace necklace using traditional elements but with a slightly more modern overall finish. Making The Lace Necklace We stock a wide range... Read More


How to create jewellery using cameos in your jewellery making

Cameos have so many wonderful uses, we just can’t get enough of them here at The Bead Shop. They provide the ideal vintage inspired touch to create beautiful pieces with an heirloom feel. Of course, seasoned experts can always challenge themselves with intricately weaved seed beads and multi-strand necklaces: there is a project waiting for all skill sets and beading niches! But, with so many cameos and mounts to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. I find the easiest way to begin is to pick... Read More