Semi-Precious Stones and Their Meaning

Here at The Bead Shop, you can find a wide range of gemstones and semi-precious beads that can be used to customise or create your own jewellery. The use of semi-precious beads as an ornament dates back thousands of years. Most famed were the Ancient Egyptians who embelished jewellery for noble men and women with lapiz Lazuli, Obsidian, Garnet & Carnelian to name a few. Craftmen working with semi-precious could be located across the globe; Turkey, Greece, France all favoured these exotic natural materials. Semi-Precious Stones have remained popular and you can now find them in a variety of different shapes & sizes: rough & ready, polished, round, rondelle, oval or heart-shaped.

An interesting thing to consider when choosing gemstones, is the different powers and properties each stone represents. Gemstones are often used in alternative medicine for their healing powers and their spiritual meaning. They are said to cure ailments and attract positive energy. Whether you believe in this or not, customising your jewellery in relation to a stones properties, gives each piece of jewellery a unique selling point.

Below we’ve listed some of our most popular gemstone beads with an explanation of their alleged properties.

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Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones around and has a vibrant, violet purple colour. In ancient Greek, the word amethyst means ‘not drunken’ and it was originally seen as a sobriety stone, being used to prevent drunkenness or getting rid of hangovers. Today it’s still seen as providing peace and balance to its user, enhancing one’s spirituality and intuition. Amethyst is associated with birthdays in February. 

is the green stone of passion, love and abundance. It can be used to attract love or money in your life and can help you learn more truths about yourself. Because it is closely associated with the heart, it is believed to be beneficial in case you suffer from heart problems or a bad immune system. In Chinese culture, jade represents beauty, protection & power. 

You’ll recognise a Moonstone by its opaque colour and effervescent-like glow. Moonstone is strongly connected to the magic of the moon and enhances one’s intuition and feminine energy. It helps one to attune to the rhythms of the natural energy cycles of the body and is therefore perfect to wear as an amulet during pregnancy.

Rose quartz has a soft pink colour and is known as the gem of unconditional love. It can bring new romance to your life or promote fidelity in established relationships. It can also help to raise your self-esteem or calm you down during times of stress. It is said to increase fertility and slow down the ageing process. To cleanse the stone, it is recommended to run it under clean water. Spiritualists & Healers believe that Rose Quartz can be recharged under moonlight. 

Tiger eye is a golden crystal praised for its grounding properties. It has the ability to keep you focused and stimulate the mind, helping you to gain better insights. It is also thought to bring good luck to the wearer, enhance your vitality and heal ocular disorders.

Turquoise was used for thousands of years by Native American tribes as a form of protection against harmful spells. It was thought to give psychic powers to the bearer and cleanse negative energy. Today turquoise is still seen as a strengthening stone, aiding to overcome depression or supporting your immune system.

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