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How to: Tying Stretchy Bracelets

One question we get asked time and time again is – “how do I tie stretch elastic?”. It is a tricky skill to master but once you learn… an entire world of bracelet possibilities will be at your finger tips. Top Tip: Once the knot is secured – add a little blob of clear glue (or even clear nail varnish) to create additional hold. Allow to dry fully, then trim off any excess ends. DOWNLOAD THE PDF


Starburst Earrings using Micro Spacers

by Leslie A Pope Free project download – create beautifully woven beaded earrings in all your favourite colours! Fire polished & faceted miniature glass rondelle beads made in Czech Republic. Micro Spacers are perfect for use in bead weaving projects & delicate bead stringing. Each bead measures 3x2mm with a 0.8mm centre hole. Use with Nylon coated wire, monofilament, Fireline or Nymo threads. Watch the YouTube demo here…


Nymo Threads Explained

Nymo thread is a slightly waxed, lightly twisted flat nylon thread. It is available in 5 sizes: 00, 0, B, D, F. Choose your sizing depending on the hole size of your beads & needles, but also consider the weight of the items you are threading; the lighter the beads, the less over all tensile strength you will require.  Nymo is a popular choice for on & off loom work, bead weaving with seed beads and embroidery crafts. Use with flexible beading needles & big eye needles. Nymo thread is... Read More


Understanding Seed Beads

Seed beads are a wonderfully versitile product that once mastered, open up an entire universe of possibilities. There is a plethora of weaving techniques to practice and learn, but knowing where to start can be intimidating. Seed beads are the smallest of all the beads and require the correct needles and threads to complete even the smallest of tasks successfully. Traditionally, seed beads are meassured in something called ‘aughts’ or colloquially refered to as ‘oh’s’ as you would say ‘zero’. When written numerically, this meassurement is depicted as 11/0, 8/0,... Read More


5 ways to Thread Semi Precious Stones

Semi-Precious stones tend to be heavier than other beads, they also typically come with very small holes. This presents jewellery makers with a conundrum – ‘how do I choose a cord that will be both strong and thin?’ Choosing the correct thickness of cord is essential, but first you will need to identify the size of hole in your chosen beads. This will usually be written in the product description, but if you are unsure – a quick email to your bead supplier can always shine a light on anything... Read More

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How To … Turn loop

The making of a turn loop can prove to be more difficult in reality than it is in theory. Using a pair of round nose pliers, follow the straightforward steps below to master the turn loop technique, which usually takes a little practice.  To control the length of your stem, position the wire on the thick area of the pliers; now bend the wire away from you to make a right angle. Step 1 Then trim the head pin, leaving approx 1 cm distance from the bend. Grip the pin... Read More


The Beginners Guide to Jewellery Findings…

Before the Basics… ‘Jewellery findings’ are the bare bones of any piece of jewellery. The term ‘findings’ is a collective way to describe any individual component that falls under this category. Jewellery findings are used to link, hold, or secure jewellery items together to create a complete piece of jewellery. Choosing which beads you like is often the easy part. Selecting the right findings, however, can be a difficult task for any beginner. So, here is a full guide to all your jewellery findings and what they can be used for to... Read More


Jewellery Making Tools for Beginners

If you are reading this for the first time chances are you have decided to embark on a new hobby. You have scanned the internet, created boards on Pinterest and drooled over handmade jewellery designs on Instagram. So many possibilities, so little time.    If this sounds familiar to you, then firstly – welcome to the exciting new world of jewellery making. We want to make your entrance as smooth as possible. Good news! It isn’t necessary to spend money on lots of fancy tools. Invest in good quality basics... Read More


How to Make a Matubo SuperDuo Czech Beaded Bracelet

Learn to create this cute weave and produce a stunning bracelet or necklace, using Matubo SuperDuo Czech Beads. Our large range of colours offers so many design possibilities. Whether you prefer complementary colours or like to experiment with contrasting shades, both will give you an equally stunning look. Step 1 Take 2 x 60cm lengths of Beadalon 7 Strand jewellery wire. Fold the wire in half and thread a trigger clasp onto the centre of the wires. Gather the wires together and thread a tube crimp onto all the 4... Read More


The Perfect Way to String Semi-Precious Stones.

Mala beads were traditionally used for Buddhist prayer recitals and consist of 108 individually knotted beads. Mathematicians during the Vedic understood the number 108 to hold cosmological significance. Religious mystics believed it to represent spiritual completion and was, therefore, a sacred number. Garlands strung with 108 beads were used as a counting tool when repeating mantra during meditation, and many traditional prayer necklaces feature larger beads at significant marker points, to indicate a halfway. In recent times, the mala has been adopted by health and wellbeing communities, yogis and fashionistas.... Read More

Kids Crafts | Beads Online 23/06/2016

Top 5 Kids’ Crafts to Keep Them Busy This Summer

Entertaining kids in the summer months can be challenging, particularly on those rainy days when playing out isn’t an option. We recommend stocking up on craft supplies and having a few of these rainy day activities in the bank for when the storm clouds roll in. Buy beads online in bulk and you’ll have enough to keep your little ones entertained whatever the weather. Button bracelets These are an easy and fun way to teach sewing techniques, and they’ll have a fun and colourful bracelet to wear at the end,... Read More


The Beginners Guide for Creating Beaded Festival Jewellery

Festival season is just about to begin, so we have decided to bring you a number of different tutorials on how to make jewellery perfect for any festival. One of our favourite looks that you are almost guaranteed to see at any festival is the boho-chic look, which can be easily achieved with beaded jewellery, especially when stacked on top of each other. One of the easiest pieces of festival style jewellery that you can make is a beaded bracelet. Not only are these suitable for jewellery making beginners, but... Read More

kumihimo bracelet 13/05/2016

Kumihimo Braiding: A History

Kumihimo continues to surge in popularity with crafts lovers all over the world, and we’re not surprised: evidence of Kumihimo braiding dates back to 7,500 BC, so there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from. From making a simple, colourful bracelet to creating a Kumihimo necklace with integrated pearls and crystals, there’s a lot you can do with braiding if you use the right Kumihimo supplies.   To learn more about the tradition, let’s dive into the history of the ancient Japanese art form to truly learn to love it. Kumihimo... Read More

Beads Online | The Bead Shop 04/05/2016

5 Steps for Embellishing Your Clothes with Beads!

Beads aren’t just great for creating jewellery. You can also customise your outfits by embellishing them with beads and sequins. Not only is it incredibly fun and easy, allowing you to feel like a real fashion designer, it also gives you a great reason to recycle that old jumper or skirt!   What do I need? Beads of your own choice (make sure they can go on a 40C wash) Pencil Paper Tailor’s chalk Ruler An old piece of clothing Cotton thread A beading needle Scissors Step 1: First decide... Read More


Semi-Precious Stones and Their Meaning

Here at The Bead Shop, you can find a wide range of gemstones and semi-precious beads that can be used to customise or create your own jewellery. The use of semi-precious beads as an ornament dates back thousands of years. Most famed were the Ancient Egyptians who embelished jewellery for noble men and women with lapiz Lazuli, Obsidian, Garnet & Carnelian to name a few. Craftmen working with semi-precious could be located across the globe; Turkey, Greece, France all favoured these exotic natural materials. Semi-Precious Stones have remained popular and... Read More

Make Tassels 24/03/2016

How to Make Tassels

A fun way to liven up your handmade jewellery is to attach little tassels to them. Nope, they don’t just look good on curtains and tablecloths, they’re great on jewellery as well – especially now festival season is coming up! Unfortunately tassels can be quite expensive, but not to worry: every DIY-fanatic will know that they’re very fun and super easy to make! Follow our tutorial below to see how you can create your own. We’ve chosen for embroidery floss because it comes in hundreds different colours and textures, so you... Read More


All you need to know about Jewellery Making Tools

If you have a creative mind, jewellery making can not only be a superb hobby, but it can also be a great stream of revenue; either on the side or as a full time job. Whilst many jewellery makers stick to creating pieces for their own persoal use, once you have become more experienced, you can pass them on as gifts, or to sell.   With all its benefits, jewellery making can be fun. However, as you start to try and experiment with more difficult pieces, it can become a... Read More


Top Tips for Jewellery Making Beginners

Starting out in jewellery making can be daunting, especially when everyone around you seems to be making expert Kumihimo braids and you’re still learning the basics. However, everyone has to start somewhere, before they become experts in their field. So, to give you a helping hand in getting through the first few hurdles, we have searched high and low to find some of the best tips for jewellery making beginners to get you on a roll, straight from the experts. Start with the type of jewellery that you enjoy the... Read More


Up and Coming Spring Colours to Work into Your Jewellery Designs

With spring not that far away, it is coming up to the time for us to start thinking about updating our winter wardrobe to something a little more vibrant. To help give you direction, we have sought out some of the most important colours for Spring 2016, according to Pantone, and how you can incorporate them into your jewellery designs. These colours are “influenced by the world of art”, focussing on colours that are calm and reflect the beauty of the world’s natural resources. Out of the top 10 colours... Read More


The Benefits of Making Your Own Jewellery

If you’re tempted to start the New Year with a brand new hobby, beading could be perfect! In this post we’ll share some of the main benefits to making your own jewellery. Therapeutic Jewellery making can be an incredibly therapeutic hobby that can help you to unwind after a long day. Whether you make a Kumihimo bracelet using Swarovski beads while watching your favourite soaps on TV or you prefer to sit in silence while you create a beaded choker, jewellery making can be a really relaxing way to pass... Read More