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Seed beads are one of the most versatile beads when it comes to jewellery making and crafts. They are teeny, tiny little beads that can be used in endless ways. Unlike many other types of beads, their size means they can’t be sold by number, so they are sold on weight instead. Sizes generally range from half millimetre to around 2 millimetres in length. One of the reasons they are so versatile, is the huge range of colours and shapes they are available in. The Bead Shop are home to an enormous range of seed bead colours, including solid colours, transparent, translucent and a mixture of foil lined and luminous colours. To celebrate these wonderful beads, we have looked at 6 ways in which Seed Beads can be used to make unusual and interesting arts, crafts and pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery Making

Seed beads can be used to create almost any type of jewellery and can look impressive, regardless of what you piece of choose to create. They look fabulous on necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and not forgetting anklets. One of the unique elements of seed beads that make them a great bead to work with, is that you can create several strands, without the piece of jewellery ending up looking chunky. Necklaces and bracelets look particularly impressive when creating necklaces and bracelets.


Whether making your own, or helping your kids, customise your scrapbook by embellishing them with Miyuki seed beads. This is the perfect way to bedazzle your special memories. You can thread the beads and hang them from the pages, or stick them down individually amongst your images.  

Work Seed Beads into Your Crafts

There is a huge range of arts and crafts that can be made using seed beads. They are particularly useful for embellishing household objects such as vases, creating wind chimes for the garden, or even decorating picture frames. Seed beads are also perfect for making your own handmade greeting cards, especially these Toho Seed Beads.

Bedazzle Items of Clothing

Thanks to their small size, seed beads are fantastic for embellishing all types of clothing, including blouses, dresses or bikinis. They can be sewn straight onto clothing to create stunning looks, without the beads weighing them down and ruining the material.

Embellish Your Accessories

Along with clothing, you can also embellish accessories in an array of different colours and patterns. You can even create matching sets, with hand bags and purses, or sandals and belts. By simply using a needle and thread, or even a touch of fabric/craft glue, you are able to create a number of designs for people of all ages, with all different styles.

The use of seed beads isn’t limited to the projects listed above. The adaptable nature of these beads mean that they can be used to create tapestry, to embellish curtains, or can even be coupled up with other beads such as Swarovski pearls for a beautiful brooch. There are endless uses of seed beads in so much more than just your jewellery making. With so many colours and designs to choose from, you are certain to find something perfect!

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