5 ways to Thread Semi Precious Stones

Semi-Precious stones tend to be heavier than other beads, they also typically come with very small holes. This presents jewellery makers with a conundrum – ‘how do I choose a cord that will be both strong and thin?’ Choosing the correct thickness of cord is essential, but first you will need to identify the size of hole in your chosen beads. This will usually be written in the product description, but if you are unsure – a quick email to your bead supplier can always shine a light on anything... Read More


The Perfect Way to String Semi-Precious Stones.

Mala beads were traditionally used for Buddhist prayer recitals and consist of 108 individually knotted beads. Mathematicians during the Vedic understood the number 108 to hold cosmological significance. Religious mystics believed it to represent spiritual completion and was, therefore, a sacred number. Garlands strung with 108 beads were used as a counting tool when repeating mantra during meditation, and many traditional prayer necklaces feature larger beads at significant marker points, to indicate a halfway. In recent times, the mala has been adopted by health and wellbeing communities, yogis and fashionistas.... Read More


The Benefits of Making Your Own Jewellery

If you’re tempted to start the New Year with a brand new hobby, beading could be perfect! In this post we’ll share some of the main benefits to making your own jewellery. Therapeutic Jewellery making can be an incredibly therapeutic hobby that can help you to unwind after a long day. Whether you make a Kumihimo bracelet using Swarovski beads while watching your favourite soaps on TV or you prefer to sit in silence while you create a beaded choker, jewellery making can be a really relaxing way to pass... Read More


Handmade Jewellery Gift Ideas

With Christmas just a few months away, many people are already starting to think about what to buy their friends and loved ones. Finding the perfect gift can be a huge challenge, particularly when buying for those who are either fussy or already have everything. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift tailored to the original, look no further than The Bead Shop. By creating your own gifts by hand, you can be sure to impress the recipient and give them something they don’t already have. Here are just... Read More


5 Ways to Use Glass Beads to Create Gorgeous Jewellery Designs

            Glass beads have to be one of our favourite ingredients when it comes to making the perfect piece of jewellery. Whether you plan on creating a necklace, bracelet or even a pair of earrings, glass beads are extremely versatile and adaptable. To give your jewellery a quirky vintage feel, hand painted glass beads can come in handy. There are so many unusual shapes, designs and colours to choose from, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. If you’re a fan of... Read More


Choosing The Perfect Necklace Chain

If you’re new to jewellery making, you may find a yourself a little lost amongst the choice of chains available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a chain to attach a Swarovski pendant, or one to add charms to, we have pulled together a guide to help you choose the perfect chain for your piece.           Cable chain Cable chains, otherwise known as link chains are highly versatile and can be used for almost any jewellery making project. They are made using circular or oval... Read More


How to Make a Beaded Key Ring

Key chains don’t have to be a comedy animal or an old worn holiday keepsake. You can create a key ring that is both functional and beautiful by adding high quality adornments such as glass beads and silver charms. The best thing is, they are really easy to make. You can add a touch of class to your jean pocket or key bowl. Just follow these simple instructions and before you know it you will be making them for friends and family too. What you will need A key ring... Read More


Weaving Different Kumihimo Braids Using Swarovski Crystals

W > There are so many ways to create a Kumihimo bracelet or necklace, depending on the beads, threads and the set up of the board you can achieve so many different looks, In this blog I wanted to show you how to get two different Kumihimo patterns using Swarovski Xilion bicones by simply changing the layout of threads and beads on the board. Choosing the colours of beads can sometimes take longer than making a piece of Jewellery!   So as a result of this and to help to... Read More


How to make Summer Solstice Jewellery

  It’s that time of year again where we start to shed our layers and enjoy the warmth from the sun.  As the Summer Solstice is once again in our midst we were feeling inspired to create’ sunny’  jewellery appropriate for the hot weather we’re all praying for. With this in mind three of our lovely and talented shop staff decided to each design a piece inspired by the Summer solstice. Sunburst Necklace Henna inspired Hand Jewellery   This hand piece is fit for a bohemian princess.  I have recently been... Read More


How To Create Festival Jewellery

With the festival season starting I wanted to design a few different bracelets that all had a festival feel. In recent years I think image has become more important festivals and even though it can be muddy and wet, when the sun is shining the jewellery comes out too!! If you have been to a festival you will know that taking jewellery on and off can be stressful when you just want to collapse in your tent. The perfect solution to this is memory wire, which is basically a coiled... Read More

Conjure up a classic look with glass pearl beaded jewellery

Some jewellery fashions tend to come and go with alarming speed, and if you like to keep up with trends this could leave you very out of pocket on a regular basis. Buying pricey ready-made jewellery from shops or over the internet is where many people go wrong though, and by making your own jewellery you could save your precious pennies. If you’re looking to cut down on costs even further by making your own beaded jewellery which is guaranteed to remain fashionable for years to come, you can’t go... Read More

Make your spare time more profitable- start your own beading business

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with settling down in front of the soaps every evening and browsing the shops once the weekend arrives, if you’re looking to make a few extra pennies you could utilise your free time more wisely by getting creative with beads. Even if you have never considered making your own pieces of jewellery before, with just a few beads and just a few simple tools, before you know it you could be the proud creator of some super stunning pieces. Beaded jewellery is surprisingly easy to make,... Read More

Things to think about when stocking up on new beads

Beading enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in beautiful new styles of wholesale beads, as they are now available in all manner of stunning designs, which most importantly won’t break the bank. However, in order to make your new bead investments more cost-effective, you should take a little time to bear a few things in mind, as these factors could make all the difference between beads which allow you to create beautiful pieces of jewellery and beads which aren’t of any use to you. One of... Read More

Getting on the right road to creating beautiful jewellery

If you’ve been thinking of making your own stunning pieces of jewellery, and have made it a New Years resolution to create your own pieces rather than simply head to the shops for expensive and generic items, your journey into the world of jewellery making doesn’t have to be an time-consuming and difficult one. When making jewellery for the first time, many people invest in a jewellery making kit, as not only are they are equipped with the basic tools and materials needed to make your own unique pieces, most... Read More

Jewellery made from beads makes great gifts

It is surprising how many people are taking up new hobbies in the New Year and trying their hand at something that they have never done before. If you are thinking about making something or being more creative this year, why not think about making some jewellery pieces for yourself or for your friends. Making jewellery can be very rewarding and it is amazing what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. If you have never made anything like that at before, you might want to think... Read More

Tools and materials for making jewellery

Making your own jewellery can be such good fun, even when you don’t really know what you are doing when you first start. Many people are not creative but they like the idea of making something themselves. There are many different tools and materials that you can use when you are making your own jewellery. The tools that have been designed for jewellery making should ensure that you aren’t all fingers and thumbs and you can clearly see what you are doing. Once you get the hang of using them,... Read More

Practicing your jewelling making skills

Making your own jewellery is really rewarding but it can be difficult if you don’t really know what you are doing. By practicing the new skills that you have been picking up and learning whilst making jewellery items, you can be sure that making jewellery is going to be a hobby that you enjoy for many years to come. Before you start making your jewellery, you will need to ensure that you have a design or idea that you are working towards. You can make such a wide range of... Read More

Making jewellery left right and centre

Whether it is for your granny, your mum or your daughter, there will be a jewellery piece that you can make that would be wholly appropriate for them. There are many different materials that you can use when it comes to making jewellery but there is nothing more fabulous than beads. Beads are extremely versatile when it comes to jewellery making and they can create some of the most beautiful jewellery that you will have ever seen. Making your own jewellery can make for some lovely Christmas presents that will... Read More

Designing and making beautiful jewellery

Designing your own jewellery might just be a hobby of yours or you might run a jewellery design company. You will know how important it is to have good quality materials when you are making your own jewellery because you want each of the pieces of jewellery to stand out and look very professional. Whether you are designing and making earrings, necklaces and bracelets, you will need to make sure that the beads you are using are of a good quality. There are many different types of beads that you... Read More

Making your own Christmas presents with beads

Christmas isn’t long off now and we are all getting excited about preparing for the big day itself. There are shops up and down the high street that have every gift you could possibly imagine but if you want to make something really special and individuals, why don’t you try making some jewellery. Whether you are a dab hand at crafts or if you are complete beginner, you should be able to pick up jewellery making relatively easily. There are so many different materials that you can utilise when you... Read More