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Bead Stringing & Threading

There are many different types of bead threading materials for many different projects and beads, but don’t worry! Here at The Bead Shop we have selected the best materials to suit any style, colour and beads. When picking your beading thread or jewellery chain, the size of the holes in your beads, the weight and overall finish of the design affect the stringing material needed. Silk is ideal for pearls but large semi-precious beads will need something more robust such as rattail or cotton cord. From necklace chains and crafting wire, to nylon and elastic for bracelets, we have your stringing material needs sorted at The Bead Shop.

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About Bead Stringing Materials

Stringing materials such as rattail cords, Beadsmith cords and beading threads not only allow you to join the various elements of your jewellery together, they can even compliment the other pieces. Many stringing materials can make the jewellery-making process easier too. For example choker wires are perfectly designed for simplicity and ease of use. All you need to do is string your beads or jewels onto the wire and you have a stylish handmade choker within seconds. There are also Pandora Style Bracelets which can help you create your own charm jewellery without the premium price tag. There are various stringing materials to choose from and it’s simply a case of finding the one that looks and feels best to you while also promoting the jewels. Rattail cord is one of the most popular stringing materials at The Bead Shop. It has a glossy and smooth finish and comes in 1, 2, or 3mm thickness.

There are also a variety of colours to choose from such as hot pink, turquoise, coffee and camel. Beadsmith cords include the much-loved and highly adaptable Superlon Beadcord made from twisted nylon. The Beadsmith C-Ion TEX 400 Heavy Macrame Cord is a heavyweight cord available in black and white and ideal for simple bead stringing and Kumihimo. Beadsmith Superlon TEX 45 is a fray resistant, rigid stringing material with a flat finish which makes it great for threading and creating seed bead pieces. Stretch magic is made of elastic and is popular with beginners due to how versatile and easy to use it is. There is no need to use a clasp to join the ends together, instead you can simply tie it in a knot or even crimp it to keep it in position. Beadalon jewellery wire is a strong yet versatile stringing material made from stainless steel and coated in nylon. The Bead Shop has 3 different types of jewellery wire available including 7 strand, 19 strand and 49 strand. Each has a different level of flexibility and purpose. With a wide range of colours such as satin, black, bronze and silver, there is a diverse mix allowing you to customise your bracelet to suit you.