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Swarovski Pearls

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Swarovski Pearls Collection 

Swarovski are world famous for creating beautiful crystals and have become the epitome of luxury in the beading world with their elements collection. They have taken this crystal knowledge and experience even further with their range of flawless imitation pearls, using innovative technology that combines the high quality of a perfect crystal core with the inherent beauty of a pearl finish. Much like natural and cultured pearls, Swarovski pearls have a generous weight which helps to give a luxurious feel to your design. Unlike natural pearls, they offer a uniform shape and consistent colour so you can ensure that each jewellery creation is as perfect as the last. The unique colour coating used with Swarovski pearls also makes them resistant to scratches, perspiration, sun and perfume, keeping your hard-worked designs in their wonderful condition for longer.

For such dazzling brilliance, Swarovski pearls are available at a very reasonable cost. Prices start from only £1.00 for 20 beads with a full palette of pearl colours to pick from. Larger, statement pearls are still incredibly inexpensive, with the 12mm Round Pearls costing only £2.25 for 5 of these supersized beads. The Pear Shaped Pearls are perfect for those who want something different to the traditional round pearl shape and, at only £0.56 per bead, provide a striking focal point for such a low price. Or why not try the incredibly tactile and eye-catching Baroque Pearls from only £0.20 per beads? Swarovski have created a range of pearls to suit all designs at such an affordably low price.

Swarovski pearls are perfect for so many designs and projects making them the truly multi-functional bead that is highly sought after in the beading world. Fashion designers, jewellery makers and interior designers alike desire the superior quality of the Swarovski pearls. The traditional round pearl shape can be used to create the time-honoured pearl necklace, an ideal romantic gift full of Hollywood glamour, utilising the various pearl sizes for a perfect graduated effect. The uniform spherical shape also makes them perfect for pearl knotting, giving you a wider choice of colours than organic pearls can offer. Pearls have a wonderfully romantic feel, making them ideal for use in bridal jewellery and bridalwear. Smaller Swarovski pearls can be sewn on to elegant gowns for a real luxurious touch while larger pearls can be used to create focal points in a grander design. To complete the bridal look the Swarovski Pear shaped pearls are ideal for creating simple drop earrings for the perfect finish for the perfect day.

The Swarovski Autumn/ Winter 2015 trends focus on the simplicity of human emotion, with fluid shapes and bold colours punctuating the lighter shades. Bright colours such as Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Iridescent Green and Lapis appeal to our artistic nature with a splash of expression and fun. Swarovski have highlighted our desire for peace, tranquillity and calm through White, Light Grey and Tahitian colours coupled with the comforting romantic touch of Bright Gold, Bronze and Rose Peach.  The desire to dream, pondering on the mysterious and magic of life, is brought to the forefront with Iridescent Purple, Black, Blackberry and Burgundy. These colours are perfectly aligned with the organic nature of the pearl shapes, playing perfectly to the upcoming trends with delicate pear drop, shapely curves and soft spherical pearl styles.