Jewellery Making for Beginners: How to Make a Charm Bracelet

When it comes to buying a gift for a loved one, charm bracelets are always high on the agenda. But they are so much more meaningful when they are hand crafted and contain charms that have a personal meaning, or memory attached to them. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing your charms, so you can be as inventive as you like. These bracelets are so easy to make, you will find yourself creating new ones for every occasion!

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What tools do I need to make a charm bracelet?

This bracelet is so easy to make, you will only need a few tools – which is ideal if you are just starting out in jewellery making and don’t already have these tools to hand. All of them are useful for other jewellery making projects as well, so you will get your use of them, time and time again. You will need:


  1. Get Prepared!

How your charms will sit on the bracelet is very important, as you want them to flow and compliment each other. Most charm bracelets will feature in between five and ten charms, but you can adjust this to get your bracelet to look exactly how you want it. Also remember that as time goes by, you may want to add additional charms to the bracelet, so try not to fill it to the brim straight away. Once you have chosen your selection of charms, lay them beside each other in a circle formation so you can see how they look, and in what order they will be attached. Then, decide which charms you will be putting the clasp in between.

  1. Ready, Set, JUMP!

Jump rings are an essential element in creating a charm bracelet, as it is the finding that attaches the charms to the chain. Getting good quality jump rings is really important to make sure they can support the charms. Opening the jump rings before hand will make it easier for you when you come to decorating your bracelet. You should open as many as you need for your charms and to attach the clasps. Opening the rings is easy, just hold each side with the pliers and gently twist to widen the opening.

  1. Measuring out your Chain

To find out the length of chain you need for your bracelet, wrap the chain around your wrist and mark it where you need to cut. Using the wire cutters, cut through the link and put the remaining chain to one side, so that you can use it for other jewellery making projects. If you are using a thick chain that can’t be cut through, try opening the link with your pliers in the same way you did for the jump rings.

  1. Attaching your the Clasp

Some clasps are available with jump rings already attached; however if you have chosen one without, attach one to either side of the chain. Using your pliers, hold open your jump ring and then thread the loop on the clasp through the jump ring. Then, twist the ring back to its original position to close the gap, so the two ends meet back together again.

  1. Bringing it all Together

The next step is to attach the charms to the bracelet. You should already have an idea of where you want them to go, but try and ensure they are evenly spaced. Take hold of one of the jump rings that you opened earlier and thread it onto a link in the chain. Then using the same technique as before, close it again. Repeat this process until you have all the charms attached to your bracelet.

  1. And Finally…

Once you have attached all of the charms, give it a little shake to make sure that they are all secure, then voila! You have your very own personalised charm bracelet.

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