Beads and Jewellery Making


How To Get The £380 Designer Look for Less

Be under no illusion; a hefty price tag does not necessary guarantee precious metals, rubies or diamonds. In fact, most designer costume jewellery is assembled in much the same way as things you’d make at home; making an unaffordable designer look, very easy to replicate.   We want to show you how simple it can be to achieve a designer look on a budget, so to demonstrate this; we selected a necklace by Marquis & Camus from their ‘Victorian Rebel’ Collection.   Marquis & Camus create timeless looking jewellery that... Read More


How To Use Leather Cord In Your Bracelets Designs

This month we are inspired by leather cord, travel and the new spectrum of colours that autumn brings; dusky pinks, blues and earthy tones are the ‘go to’ colours of this season. In keeping with the travel theme, I designed this piece using black leather cord and vintage bronze craft wire, giving it a rustic earthy feel. Maybe just add a couple of wooden beads and make them for the fellas in your life I think beading sometimes can be too technical, I liked making these bracelets because they don’t... Read More


Discover The Autumnal ‘Wunderlust’ Palette

The appeal of adventure! Travel has inspired and heightened the urge for adventure and exploration, which is reflected within the autumnal ‘wunderlust’ palette. Already this year we begin to see the distinction between fashion and the outdoors become blurred in new exciting ways.   This trend, one of the three main trends for the season, is influenced greatly by the outdoors, exploration and voyage! Integrated in to the fabrics, clothing, accessories and footwear through the earthy hues of moss green, darkened brown, lifted by icy grey tones!  There are elements of forest... Read More


How To Make Your Own Jewellery Findings with Craft Wire

Up until recently I didn’t have much knowledge of craft wire. It’s one of those products that, if not used regularly, you can shy away from altogether. In my day to day jewellery making I tend to only use craft wire for making connectors between beads or for wrapping stones, but to my pleasant surprise, there are no end to the possibilities of craft wire. When I’m struggling with ideas, I like to browse the internet for inspiration and get my creative juices flowing.  There is such a broad spectrum... Read More


How Pom Pom’s & Tassels Inspired my Necklace Design

The world has gone tassel crazy! Fringing, Tassels and pom poms are a must for this summer; Gucci, Matthew Williamson and Dolce & Gabbana have all featured them on their catwalks and Jimmy Choo has even tasselled his shoes! With this in mind I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that celebrates this fantastic look. It is so fun and playful; I was excited to get to work. One of my earlier blogs featured an Aztec jewellery range and as I loved the design of the necklace and bracelet... Read More


How To Incorporate Tassels Into Your Jewellery

There’s no denying it; tassels are fun, fun, fun! Born from the family of pompoms and rosette; tassels are ornamental, tactile, historical and cute. Incorporating them into your style will add a hint of ceremony to any outfit. The versatility of the tassel is what makes it so great. Wearing them large or small, they are a playful accompaniment to shoes, bags, clothing and jewellery.  The beloved tassel has remained a fashion favourite all through history but its appearance has shifted throughout time. During the Renaissance we favoured a small... Read More


‘Beat the High Street Challenge’ Summer Time Multi-strand Necklace

For this month’s  ‘Beat the High Street Challenge’ we chose a multi-strand necklace from Accessorize. The High Street version was made using gold coloured plastic spacer beads, seed beads and gold coloured eye pins. We have decided to give ours a personal touch by changing the colour of the eye pins for an altogether fresh look. Our necklace has been made using three bags of size 6 seed beads and one reel of 0.4mm budget coloured craft wire. As eye pins don’t come in bright colours other than gold, silver,... Read More


Pom Pom & Tassel Jewellery Trend

The ‘Modern Artisan’ and ‘New Renaissance’ 2013 trends are mixed together in a fashion melting pot and produce a love for Mediterranean travel chic by fore fronting Pom-Poms and tassel inspired garments and jewellery. They can be worn trimming a simple top, a feature to your summer scarf or as a statement piece of jewellery. A personal pick for jewellery is the colourful thread variations mixed with tarnished chunky metal structure. With the addition of pom-pom’s or tassels to your summer wardrobe you can stand out from the crowd and... Read More


Boho Chic Indian Style Necklace

The Bohemian look or ‘Boho Chic’ as it is also known has hit the high street for Summer 2013. This look celebrates warm colours and layering, vibrant shades with an earthy rustic feel; a nostalgic nod to the 1960’s and 70’s, Flower Power, Free Love and flowers in your hair!!! To replicate this look in jewellery, the Indian hand painted glass beads and the Venetian glass, work perfectly, giving the piece a rustic earthy looking style. The use of bold colours combined with gold or copper findings and a large... Read More


Be Inspired – Vintage Sunflower Spiral Necklace

So this month yellow was the brief, the colour that represents ‘happiness’ and the colour of the sun. My problem with this was that yellow would usually be my least likely colour choice given the option, so my aim for this jewellery making project was to take this super sunny colour and tone it down a notch or two.  I feel that the antique copper craft wire works beautifully alongside the yellow fimo flower beads, because it and creates a slightly more delicate tone to it and that it sprinkles... Read More


How to use Memory Wire – 3 Jewellery Design Ideas

In a nutshell  Memory Wire is an alloy that remembers its original shape when stretched, making it a beautifully forgiving material to work with. You can squeeze it, pull it or twist it and the flexible little loops will bounce back into shape with no questions asked.  Upon opening the packet Memory Wire will resemble a ‘Slinky’ Toy. Wine Glass Charm Macramé Wrapped Earrings Boho Fluted Bangle   assembling the structure. We have used 2 x 4mm Luminous Green Swarovski Bicones and 1 x 4mm Turquoise Swarovski Pearls on each pin.... Read More


How To use Yellow in Your Earring Designs

  Yellow is my absolute favourite colour, it’s bright, cheerful and brightens up my day. I am completely drawn to it, therefore I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that stands out and represents my kind of yellow – bold and bright. There is nothing tacky about this yellow, so to complement it I chose to mix it with antique silver findings so as not to cheapen it with anything to bright. I decided upon creating a pair of statement earrings to show off this brilliant colour. I also... Read More


Be Inspired – Summer Floral Necklace

Recently, I’ve been overwhelmingly drawn to blue tones and as this month’s jewellery brief was summer floral and pastels I thought I’d use this opportunity to take a step out of my usual colour comfort zone. Initially, I thought  the air blue opal and the x2 coated light sapphire AB Swarovski bicones teamed with the antique silver Figaro chain looked a little ‘Ice Queen’, but after I incorporated yellow glass pearls and a sunflower cameo, the piece was brought right back into summer. I love combining the sparkle of Swarovski... Read More


Be Inspired – Wedding Cake Topper

Cake Toppers are a lovely addition to your personalised wedding theme. Using Craft wire, pearls, crystals or whatever takes your fancy, cake toppers are quick and easy to make and can be coordinated to the colour scheme of your big day.  This particular design was inspired by Linda Jones project which can be found in ‘Wire & Beaded Wedding Jewellery’.  Products Used Swarovski Crystal Bicones Swarovski Pearls Craft Wire Glass Beads Metal Beads Fran Perry In House Designer


How To Use Faux Suede in Jewellery Making

We have created a simple nautical themed bracelet using multiple strands of faux suede attached together in a readymade bell closer fastener. Upon the strands of faux suede hang little octopus and ship wheel charms, attached with jump rings. In keeping with the summer vibes  we have also made a necklace  that would be perfect for accessorizing on the beach or even layering up with other jewellery for evening wear. Here we have used 6mm glass beads, Tibetan style spacer beads, along with Jump rings, for a more bohemian style.... Read More


Beat The High Street – A Woven Pearl Necklace from TopShop.

For this months ‘Bead the High Street Challenge’ we chose a woven pearl necklace from Topshop. The High Street version was made using plastic pearls and chain. We decided gave ours more punch, combining sprayed glass pearls with a large gold ‘Belcher’ chain. The pearls are woven through each link using Chinese Knotting cord or ‘Shambala’ Cord. For a playful summer look, try choosing thread that clashes with the bead colour. Citrus and Neons work best, but this versatile design can be adapted to suit any style. Helpful Links Glass Pearl... Read More


Be Inspired – Baroque Crystal and Chain Necklace

Our wedding inspired necklace really adds simple elegance to any evening. If you have a high neckline on your dress this is a great option as it is designed to be quite long. This is perfect for bridesmaids too. Cut 5 small lengths of chain that fit roughly around your baroque pendant and attach these onto a jump ring. The longest chain in the middle, the next length either side of this and the shortest lengths either side of that. Attach the jump ring onto one side of a bail and... Read More


Beautiful Spring-time inspired tiara

  This beautiful Spring-time inspired tiara uses Swarovski Bicones and Pearls, along with our gorgeous filigree leaf charms to create a stunning wedding look. Perfect for a bride who wants to add a splash of colour to her big day! Start by spacing the leaves along one of our round shape tiara bands, then make pearl and crystal trees with twisted wire and attach these along the band. When you are happy with the design, attach a row of crystals along the band and tweak your design until perfect. Products... Read More