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Moss Green Charm bracelet by Di Keeble

Here at The Bead Shop, we love discovering amazing designers and makers. There is a wonderful sense of community in the beading world, and so many beautiful pieces being made, we can’t help but feel inspired.  We wanted to share our latest finds and favourites with you so you too can feel as creative as we do! Di Keeble, the designer behind Di Keeble Beads & Jewellery, is our latest bead crush. She has an excellent eye for colour, selecting some of the most beautiful combinations we have seen in... Read More


Semi precious stones and Swarovski Jewellery Set By Jenny

What have you made and why do you like it? fluorite, swarovski, necklace, bracelet and ring set.  I love this because the semi precious stones and swarovski make it feel special What inspired you? swarovski purple mix and the mesh clasps and brooch kits Which type of beads you have used and why? 36mm sieve brooch, finger ring with mesh 1, 17mm box clasp with mesh, 8mm fluorite beads, silver head pins, swarovski purple mix 4mm x 2, swarovski glass pearl beads 4mm crystal dark and mauve, 6mm swarovski bicone... Read More


Bead Embroidered Necklace by Judy Evans Pennington

What have you made and why do you like it?  Bead Embroidered Necklace. I love the very feminine appeal of the colors and design.  What inspired you?  I pretty much begin by getting an idea of what colors I want to use and then start going through my beads to see what catches my fancy.  Which type of beads you have used and why?  Glass pearls, glass seed beads in a wonderful mauve and pearly white, pale pink and silver lined delicas, pink bugle beads, and lucite flowers in two... Read More


Soutache Necklace by Letitia Vilceanu

What have you made and why do you like it?  I’ve made a Soutache necklace because I am in love with this type of jewelry . What inspired you?  My muse is everything around me. Which type of beads you have used and why?  I like Swarovski beads , they’re so precious and shiny , but every beads is beautiful in their own way. Also gemstone beads are very nice , that’s way the necklace send it is made with turquoise . Social Media & Website Links – My Website Facebook


Blue Jade Bracelet by Penny Laine

 What have you made and why do you like it? Blue jade bracelet.  What inspired you? Sea greens and blues reminds me of the seaside holidays as a child. Didnt we always have lovely summers? Which type of beads you have used and why? Chinese jade, and crystal Social Media & Website Links Elamass


Handmade beads are totally unique

Welcome to February’s blog, last month I promised to talk a little about beads. I make ceramic beads, which maybe not many of you have used. Handmade beads generally are much more expensive than the beautiful beads you can buy in the Bead Shop, because whatever they are made from, clay, polymer, metal or glass, it is a very time consuming process and ceramic beads can take a week to produce. Jewellery designers will often use just a few handmade beads in a piece, mixing them with less expensive beads.... Read More


3 Strand Sterling Silver Bracelet by Simone Vadera

What have you made and why do you like it? I have made this 3 strand bracelet as part of a set. I like the richness and the contrast of the colours plus the big sterling silver ball as a focal point.  What inspired you? My friend bought a lovely sari for an indian wedding. The colours were similar and she asked me to make something for her to wear with it.  Which type of beads you have used and why? I’ve used Swarovski Crystals, Glass Beads, Seed Beads and Sterling... Read More


Glass Pearl Beaded Bracelet by Sharon Kamil

What have you made and why do you like it? I have made a childs stretch bracelet, which I like as it is pretty, delicate, personal, and something special. What inspired you? I was inspired by my daughter’s 6th birthday on New Year’s Day! Which type of beads you have used and why? I have used your 6mm glass pearls in light amethyst, as they are so pretty; 6 of your 4mm Swarovski Xilion bicones, in garnet: to represent my daughters age and birthstone; sterling silver accent beads, and a... Read More


My name is Bo Hulley and I am a beadmaker…

Hello to all you lovely jewellery designers and Bead Shop customers, may I introduce myself? At the risk of sounding like an AA meeting, my name is Bo Hulley and I am a beadmaker… A little while ago I had a lovely message from Josh, right here at the Bead Shop asking if I would be interested in writing regularly for the Bead Shop Blog. I was delighted for several reasons, but firstly because unbeknown to Josh, The Bead Shop was where I bought my very first beads and set of... Read More


Christmas Competition with Designer Kerrie Slade

We are all getting into the Christmas spirit here at The Bead Shop, and this month we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the amazing, Kerrie Slade to create a fabulous competition for you. Kerrie Slade is a creative blogger and an amazingly talented designer of her own bead creations who is also known as “The face behind the needle”. Nine years ago, Kerrie found herself mesmerised by the sparkly, shiny and twinkly assortment of beads that soon after dazzled her into a road of success.... Read More


Facebook Competition winner Tracy lets us into her life of jewellery making

Our Facebook competition winner Tracy impressed us with her answer when asked what her favourite piece of jewellery was that she had made herself: “My favourite piece so far is red/green crackle glass beads that look like ripe apples, which I threaded onto strong elastic. I made a gorgeous bracelet with leaves and berry charms that looked like baby apples. It was inspired from one of our walks through an apple orchard in Scotland, which is where I lived up until last week. I love nature to inspire my jewellery... Read More


OK, so I’m going to be honest, I’ve had a bit of a wobble!

Working for yourself can be lonely at times, and trying to come up with new things every day can become exhausting, along with promotions, meetings, bookings and everything that goes with being a self-employed jewellery maker and photographer. Although I’ve recently had some fabulous luck with the photography side of the business, I’ve come to a bit of a dead end with my jewellery. It seems that when it’s up close, and people can see it, touch it and feel it, it sells incredibly well – but online is a... Read More


4 ways to tap into the festival market this summer

Festival season is upon us, and, being from the Isle of Wight, I couldn’t possibly continue without mentioning the fabulous Isle of Wight Festival (in a week’s time) or Bestival (held in September). I’ve spent some years working on festivals in some shape or form – and, of course we’ve already established I’m not the trendiest 30-something on the block, but I’ve always secretly desired to be one of the beautiful festival people! Alas, I would try and emulate the tousled hippie-chick Janis Joplin look, only to end up looking a... Read More


Art work from old masters works magic for me

We all get those moments don’t we? We’ve got every bead of every colour, every tool for every job, and a few hours spare to create the next mind-blowing work of art; yet…your brain has different ideas! It’s packed its bags, and is off to Magaluf without a kiss goodbye, or even a hint to tell us when it’ll be back home! At these times I find that looking at art from old masters works magic for me. I am a huge art-of-any-genre fan, but the most appealing and inspirational... Read More


Statement Wirework Collar Necklace By Kim

What have you made and why do you like it?A stunning wirework collar necklace that really does add a glamoroustouch to that little black dress. I wanted to make something thatstands out from the crowd but that still has an air of sophistication. What inspired you?I wanted to create a stand out piece that nods to the trend of thisstyle of necklace but with a handmade personalised touch. I loveworking with wire due to the fantastic shapes that can be created andits versatility. Which type of beads you have used... Read More


Autumn mix charm bracelet by Claire Woodward

What have you made and why do you like it?I made a charm barcelet, i love it cause its dainty, vintage lookingand the colours are autum which i love What inspired you?I saw the 6mm swarovski xillion bicone vintage gold mix on thebeadshop website and i loved them i wanted to do a charm bracelet andi liked the idea of the butterflys on my charm bracelet and the leafcharm also. Which type of beads you have used and why?6mm Swarovski Xillion Bicone Mix – Vintage Gold Mix12mm Vintaj Natural Brass... Read More


Styles are changing and jewellery makers are mixing it up

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Jubilee weekend? Mine was interesting! I attended what was meant to be a three day event selling both my jewellery and my photography…by Sunday the gale-force winds had made the marquee shrivel into a crumpled pile in the corner of the show area, and rain threatened to ruin all the stock! I, along with other traders decided to call it a day by Sunday afternoon for fear of being blown into the sea! Today I’ve stayed at home suffering a little from too much... Read More


Wire wrap pearl bracelet by Tina

What have you made and why do you like it?Wire wrap pearl bracelet.I love the classic yet modern feel of this piece as well as the splash of color added to the toggle. What inspired you?The look and feel of the large grey pearls I purchased recently. I wanted something that would appeal to a variety of people and also something that can be incorporated in any wardrobe. I am all about the longevity and versatility of every piece I create. Which type of beads you have used and why?I used pearls, pewter and chain.