Top 5 Kids’ Crafts to Keep Them Busy This Summer

Entertaining kids in the summer months can be challenging, particularly on those rainy days when playing out isn’t an option. We recommend stocking up on craft supplies and having a few of these rainy day activities in the bank for when the storm clouds roll in. Buy beads online in bulk and you’ll have enough to keep your little ones entertained whatever the weather.

Button bracelets

Kids Crafts | Beads Online

These are an easy and fun way to teach sewing techniques, and they’ll have a fun and colourful bracelet to wear at the end, or gift to a friend. This bright and colourful bracelet from is really easy to make and only requires buttons and strong elastic.







Giant bead necklace

Kids Crafts | Beads Online

Threading intricate beads might be difficult for little hands to manage, so these giant bead necklaces with bright thread are the perfect solution. Babble Dabble Do created this stunning giant clay bead necklace with homemade beads. Create some brightly coloured fimo beads and pair them with plastic pony beads.





Bead Wind Chimes

Kids Crafts | Beads Online


This fun and bright wind chime from Happy Hooligans uses brightly coloured beads, an empty drinks bottle and paints to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space. If you’re heading to the beach, set your children the task of hunting for shells to add to your windchime. Once you’ve bought your beads online, you can mix them up with shells to create this stunning garden sculpture.








Safety pin and bead bracelet

Kids Crafts | Beads Online

This is a great craft for older kids who can be trusted with sharp points. You will need a lot of safety pins, brightly coloured beads and elastic. This lovely bracelet from Sugar Bee Crafts is the perfect way to keep  older kids entertained during the summer holidays. All they have to do is thread the beads onto the safety pins and then close the pin. When they’ve filed all of the safety pins, they simply join them together with 2 pieces of elastic through the top and bottom of the pin.




Bead keychains

Kids Crafts | Beads Online

These bead keychains are easy to make a highly customisable. All you need is beads, leather or cotton cord and split keyrings. These geometric wooden bead keychains from are easy to create and make a lovely gift for friends and family.

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