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Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads

The Bead Shop’s varied and affordably priced Miyuki 11/0 seed beads are a hugely popular bead. Part of their appeal is the vast choice of colours and shapes available which allow them to fit in to all kinds of jewellery types and themes. They also have smooth sides, flat ends and coupled with their small size, Miyuki 11/0 seed beads are easy to work with and provide an even finish.

Seed beads are a type of small bead; they are round in shape and are used in many different types of bead weaving project. The numbers next to the name indicate the exact size of the seed bead; in this instance the related metric measurement is 1.8mm.

The brand name, Miyuki derives from the Japanese bead company that manufactures them. It is a name synonymous with quality, a precision and a uniform cut.

Our Miyuki 11/0 Seed Bead Collection

You won’t be disappointed with the supply of Miyuki seed beads we have at The Bead shop. There is a range of different colour effects available and within each colour-finish category, there is a further choice of colours available.

All the 11/0 seed beads have a 0.8mm hole and are available in 10g bead packs. Below are the options:

  • The Bead Shop’s Silver lined Miyuki beads collection is festooned with glitzy tones including silver lined ruby, silver lined topaz and silver lined pale gold seed beads.
  • Transparent Miyuki seed beads are available as crystal and transparent crystal; they sparkle and shimmer and their neutral colour makes them even more versatile.
  • The Ceylon 11/0 seed bead collection is symbolised by its powdery and pale tones and beaders can choose from lilac, turquoise, grey, salmon and many others.
  • Duracoat Galvanised seed beads all have a different metallic tone, giving them extra punch and vigour in that edgy bracelet or necklace.
  • Inside colour lined seed beads offer a simple yet effective way of introducing a glimpse of another colour alongside the main exterior colour. Choose from purple lined aqua, garnet lined ruby, gilt lined opal and other colour combinations.
  • Opaque seed beads look fabulous with other opaques but also provide a finish which creates a contrast with more attention-seeking beads. Pick from olive iris, matte opaque salmon, opaque yellow and turquoise.

Completing Your Seed Bead Design With The Bead Shop

You can rely on the Bead Shop to provide you with the necessary bead making supplies on our jewellery making page. Here you will find beading needles, jewellery making pliers and adhesives, all offering help with your seed bead jewellery making project.

If you are looking for more inspiration for your seed bead design then have a look at some of the books we have available, including Japanese Braiding and many more.