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Turquoise Stones

Turquoise is a blue/green mineral derived from copper & aluminium. The word ‘Turquoise’ originated from the French word for ‘Turkish’. Mined in Persia (Iran), the stone was first brought to Europe via Turkey in the 17th Century, but its usage can be found much earlier throughout history. Considered a holy stone by ancient civilisations, evidence of importance of Turquoise can be seen throughout the Middle East. Tutankhamen’s burial mask was inlaid with Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian & glass. Burial tombs encrusted with Turquoise and dating back to 3000BCE have also been found in Egypt. These Ancient people believed Turquoise could protect against negative energy, it was also believed to bring peace to the home.

Turquoise is a symbol of friendship / Birthstone: December / 5th Chakra: Throat

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