Get Festival Ready with a Handmade Flower Crown

Although we haven’t been lucky enough to see much sunny weather so far this year, festival season is still right around the corner. But if you haven’t managed to get your hands on any Glastonbury tickets, it doesn’t mean you can’t still rock that signature festival look.

Daisy crowns fly off the shelves at this time of the year, but if you want to add a unique touch to yours, we can show you how to make something extra special.

Making a flower crown couldn’t be any easier. You will only need three things to get started; craft wire, parchment flowers and a little bit of craft tape to secure everything together at the end.

The Bead Shop have a great selection of parchment rose buds in different colours, with wire stems that can be easily attached to the crown, making it all a piece of cake.

If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your garland, you could even weave a selection of Swarovski beads in between the flowers. You will be able to make a number of crowns out of one reel of craft wire, so you can experiment with different styles and colours, or even gather your friends and spend an evening making them together!

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Make your own DIY flower crown with The Bead Shop


Step 1

To get started, take the craft wire and wrap it around the part of your head that you want it to sit. Do this once or twice to create a crown that fits securely. Once you have the right size, take the crown and continue to loop the wire, until there are around three or four to make sure it is strong enough. Then when you are happy with the shape, wrap the wire around the loops to secure them all together. If you want to add beads, slide a few on the wire as you twist it around, making sure they are placed around evenly.

Step 2

From your chosen paper flowers, take two or three of any colour you choose and twist the stems together to create a mini bunch. Do this until you have enough to fill the band. You can even add a few singular ones in there for a bit of variety.

Step 3

Once you’ve done this, simply wrap the wire stems of the flowers tightly around the wire crown. Be careful to ensure that they are evenly spaced out and pay special attention in making sure that there are no sharp ends hanging off that may scratch your head.  You may wish to concentrate the majority of the flowers at the front of the crown, or spread them the whole way around.

Step 4

The last step is to wrap the craft tape around the exposed parts of the wire crown to cover the stems and any sharp bits. If you want an even more boho look, you could replace the tape with ribbon and leave two pieces dangling at the back, giving it a feminine touch.


And there you have it, four easy steps to making the perfect flower crown. Now you can be festival ready all year long.

If you want to try your hand at making more unique pieces, why not browse our jewellery making kits to complete your boho look.

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