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About Wire Guardians

Wire guardians are highly useful little contraptions as the name suggests they are designed to protect or defend your chosen stringing material be it nylon coated wire, silk, nylon or even cotton from the inevitable everyday ware and tear. As well as providing a shelter for your stringing material in the little groove at the top of the horse shoe shape they also offer a much more professional and altogether finished look, which is extremely important if you are looking to sell the beautiful and unique jewellery you have lovingly crafted. Used as an alternative to French Wire or ‘gimp’ wire guardians are much less fiddly, but have the same stunning finish. We stock 4mm wire guardians in packets of 25 they are available in silver, gold, black and copper plate as well as [sterling silver]which is always perfect for those extra special pieces of jewellery.

How To Use a Wire Guardian

  • Firstly, thread your wire up through one side of your wire guardian.
  • Then thread your wire back down through the hole on the opposite side.
  • Pull your wire so it sits snugly inside the wire guardian
  • Thread a crimp over both sides of your wire and pull as close to your wire guardian as possible, then squash the crimp using your crimping pliers, finally cover the crimp using a crimp cover.


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