About Us

The Bead Shop was first established in 1993; the brainchild of Harvey Kersh and his wife Fay.

Leaving behind a successful hairdressing business and several hair salons within the North West, Harvey and Fay set about developing a Design and Manufacturing company,producing luxury gifts for large department stores and boutiques. The business was a huge success and took Harvey and Fay all over the world winning many business awards and even meeting the Queen. 

Fay was diagnosed with cancer in 1990 and the pressures of running a large business became too much. The couple needed another venture; something fun, creative and closer to home.

Racking their heads for ideas, Fay woke up one morning and told the family she had been dreaming about beads; it was from this dream that the bead shop concept was born.

Fay sadly passed away in 1995 leaving Harvey with a small business to run and four children to look after. However, 20 years on the business continues to thrive and with a successful Manchester Shop and Website, Harvey has now semi-retired (teaching yoga in and around Manchester) passing the responsibility of the business to his eldest son Matthew.

The Bead Shop Manchester now consists of Matthew and a small but dedicated team of bead enthusiasts.

We are always looking for beautiful new products to add to our shop and website. We have put a lot of time and energy into turning our Manchester store into an Aladdin’s Cave of bead products and we encourage you to visit us in person for the full Bead Shop Manchester experience.

We could never convey the atmosphere of our store on-line but we hope the site offers you a fun and straight forward shopping experience.