How To Make A Lace Necklace

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To me, lace has always oozed elegance and grace, it brings with it visions of fantasy, fairy tales and for some reason Beatrix Potter.  

not reserved exclusively for period dramas and grandma’s doilies

Whether it’s the trimming on an exquisite garment or the tiniest detail on handcrafted soft furnishing, it brings with it a touch of classical beauty not reserved exclusively for period dramas and grandma’s doilies.  With this in mind, I was inspired to create a lace necklace using traditional elements but with a slightly more modern overall finish.

Making The Lace Necklace

We stock a wide range of different styles and colours of lace in our Afflecks shop, so it took me a little while make a decision to which one I wanted to incorporate within my jewellery piece. After much deliberation I settled on a thick, white, leaf adorned lace.   

Whilst trying to figure out what exactly I was going to do with said lace I discovered that it might actually be quite difficult to make it lie flat to the collar bone, so opted to get a bit crafty with the scissors and cut out each leaf in a length measuring less than half of a metre.

The leaves sit together absolutely beautifully and it seems that they are also perfect for constructing jewellery with; I could link them together using the gaps in the lace with ease.


At first I was quite concerned about the finish the jump rings would give, but I think they fit in well with the overall handcrafted vintage feel that I was looking to create.

 With the bones of my necklace complete it was time to add a little drama, I chose 4mm white Swarovski pearls to tie in with the crisp white of the lace.

Pearls and lace are an age old pairing that work beautifully intertwined


I teamed this duo with 4mm Air Blue Opal Swarovski Bicones to give a Victorian/Edwardian inspired edge, the blue and white combination also conjures images of Peter Rabbit.

Recently I have been drawn to the copious amounts of multi stranded jewellery on the high street so giving my vintage inspired necklace a touch of this season adds just a slight air of this century.

I really enjoyed creating this piece of jewellery and will without doubt be working with lace in future projects, I might combine lace and craft wire and create some kind of head dress, it is festival season after all. 

Ami Milligan In House Designer

Ami Milligan
In House Designer

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