Creating the Perfect Wedding Day Accessory

When it comes to weddings, every bride wants the perfect day. This includes getting every last little detail of her outfit and accessories right, in order to look and feel her best. Many of you will be able to relate to that feeling of looking in the mirror before you walk down the aisle, feeling the best you have every felt.

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If you want to create that feeling for someone else, we have created the perfect bridal bracelet using traditional Swarovski pearls, so that you can create the perfect “something borrowed”, for your bride-to-be.


Here is all the equipment you will need:



Measure and cut out a 1m length of Monofilament string for the base of your bracelet. If you have larger wrists you may want to add on a few more centimetres.

Using the Monofilament string, thread it through the smaller loop of your Toggle Clasp until it is folded in half. Then feed the two ends through a crimp bead, securing them in place with the crimping pliers. Make sure that this the monofilament is central to the clasp.  


Separate the hanging threads so that you have a strand either side. Then, using a Swarovski pearl bead, thread the two pieces of string through the holes, on opposite sides. Then pull tight to secure.


With your two pieces of thread, feed another pearl onto each of them. Then, as in step two, add another pearl and feed the ends of the thread through opposite sides of bead and pull tightly.  

Continue this process until your ladder of pearls can comfortably fit around your wrist.


To pull the bracelet all together, feed the ends of the two strands through a crimp bead, then again through the loop on the second half of your chosen Toggle Clasp. Pass the thread back through the crimp bead, then secure using your Crimping Pliers.


Neaten up your bracelet by trimming off any left over Monofilament. To give it an exceptional finish, add your Crimp Bead Covers over both of the Crimp Beads.

There you have it! The perfect bracelet for any bride!

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