8 Handmade Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree

For many people, the Christmas tree is a vital part of the festive season and the tree-decorating process itself can be a really exciting activity. However, if you’re trying to save money, be kinder to the environment, or you simply fancy getting creative, why not make your own? Here are just a few handmade alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree we know and love.

Handmade Jewellery Christmas Tree



Necklace Tree

What better way to showcase all your handmade jewellery than to display them in the shape of a tree? We’ve fallen in love with this absolute beauty courtesy of Instagram user haknik. To gain some handmade necklace inspiration, why not take a look at our jewellery making blog?




Trinket Christmas Tree




Trinket Christmas Tree

If you’ve not got enough space in your home for a traditional Christmas tree, but you’re keen to create something completely unique, this tree made from trinkets could be the answer. Gather photos, buttons, and stray craft materials together and stick them all on the wall in a tree shape. When your friends and family come to visit over the holidays, they’re likely to spend ages staring at your amazing creation. Photo courtesy of All The Luck In The World. 



Handmade Chalkboard Christmas Tree




Chalkboard Christmas Tree

If you have your own chalkboard in your home, why not draw your own tree before taping handmade decorations to it? We love the simplicity of this creation by Instagram user rebekahpeppler.



Handmade Book Christmas Tree



Book Tree

One of our favourite parts of the Christmas holidays is being able to curl up on the sofa with a good book. If you’ve got a huge book collection, you could create a book tree just like this one from Instagram user @elischris. Be careful though, we’d hate for you to pull your favourite novel from the bottom only to watch your whole tree collapse like a giant game of Jenga.




Handmade Book Christmas Tree



Book Tree #2

Health and safety-wise, this second book tree is probably much more sensible, not to mention quicker to make. Line your books up in the shape of a tree with the largest books in the centre and smaller ones at the edges. Unless you’re a librarian, finding this many green covers could be a challenge, but we bet an eclectic mix of colours will look just as show-stopping. This brilliant masterpiece is courtesy of Instagram user mirda_inc.




Driftwood Christmas Tree




Driftwood Christmas Tree

Emma Northcott posted this amazing driftwood tree on Facebook group, Make Do and Mend-able. We love how she’s decorated it with subtle fairly lights and a star, but you could always add paper chains or threaded popcorn if you’d prefer to keep the whole thing handmade.







Made Do And Mend Pom Pom Christmas Tree



PomPom tree

Each year, blogger Jen Gale makes her own Christmas tree. Whether she’s using egg boxes or lampshades, she’s always keen to find creative new ways to build her own trees. Her pom pom tree has to be our favourite though and we think it looks amazing! To find out how she made it, visit her blog My Make Do And Mend Life






Handmade Cardboard Christmas Tree



Cardboard Christmas Tree

When we saw blogger Sarah Vallance from Cheltenham share this cardboard Christmas tree on Facebook, we knew we’d have to share it.

When it comes to decorating your handmade Christmas tree, this could be the perfect opportunity to use up any stray leftover beads and accessories. Flat backs, Cameos and Cabochons could be particularly helpful if you want to give your tree a unique touch. You could also carefully pierce the cardboard with decorated ear stud findings.




We love Christmas trees, but sometimes it can be even more satisfying to create your own. If you’ve made your own Christmas tree, we’d love to see your masterpiece! Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter

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