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Top Tips for Jewellery Making Beginners

Starting out in jewellery making can be daunting, especially when everyone around you seems to be making expert Kumihimo braids and you’re still learning the basics. However, everyone has to start somewhere, before they become experts in their field. So, to give you a helping hand in getting through the first few hurdles, we have searched high and low to find some of the best tips for jewellery making beginners to get you on a roll, straight from the experts. Start with the type of jewellery that you enjoy the... Read More

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The Beginners Guide to Bead Shapes

If you’ve just started out in jewellery making, it can be tricky trying to get to grips with all of the lingo that goes along with it! To give you a little nudge in the right direction, we have documented all of the basic bead shapes that you may come across along the way. With everything from faceted to rondelle – we have you covered! All of the beads you can see below are available to buy from our website, whether you are looking for glass beads or wooden beads,... Read More

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Creating the Perfect Wedding Day Accessory

When it comes to weddings, every bride wants the perfect day. This includes getting every last little detail of her outfit and accessories right, in order to look and feel her best. Many of you will be able to relate to that feeling of looking in the mirror before you walk down the aisle, feeling the best you have every felt.           If you want to create that feeling for someone else, we have created the perfect bridal bracelet using traditional Swarovski pearls, so that you... Read More

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The Secret to Kumihimo Success

We are huge fans of Kumihimo braiding at The Bead Shop, but we know that it can look a little daunting to someone who is just starting out in jewellery making. Kumihimo braiding is a traditional Japanese technique that is continuing to grow in popularity, as more of us are creating or our custom pieces of jewellery.   You can make gorgeous Kumihimo jewellery with just a few simple supplies, that won’t cost you the earth. With this you can create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, anklets and more. If you’ve already... Read More

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How to Make a Stunning Swarovski Anklet

                    Whether you’re a beading beginner or expert, this how-to guide will give you all the tools you need to create a beautiful anklet – the perfect accessory now that the sun is shining. Swarovski beads are perfect for adding a little glitz, however they also work great with seed beads or glass beads. What are anklets? Anklets are exactly what they say on the tin, bracelets that are worn around the ankle. They are perfect for warm weather jaunts and... Read More