Top Tips for Jewellery Making Beginners

Starting out in jewellery making can be daunting, especially when everyone around you seems to be making expert Kumihimo braids and you’re still learning the basics. However, everyone has to start somewhere, before they become experts in their field. So, to give you a helping hand in getting through the first few hurdles, we have searched high and low to find some of the best tips for jewellery making beginners to get you on a roll, straight from the experts.

Start with the type of jewellery that you enjoy the most

When it comes to jewellery making the choices are endless and it is unrealistic to try and master all styles of jewellery at once, when you’re only just building on your skills. To make life easier for yourself, choose one particular style, or method of jewellery making and work on perfecting that first, before you move on to anything new. For example, if you like beaded jewellery, work on this, before moving onto creating variations of leather cord jewellery. Some of the skills you learn whilst making one type of jewellery may cross over into other sectors, so you’ll need less time to try and learn new techniques.

Stick to one or two basic skills first

Regardless of the type of jewellery making you decide to go into, there are a few basic skills that you are going to need to learn. There is a lot of crossover when it comes to jewellery making, so these basic skills will always be with you, regardless of how complicated you decide to make your pieces in the future. This might include skills such as how to attach findings, or how to properly secure your craft wire.

Invest in Yourself

Whilst you are learning, your jewellery won’t need to be perfect, however as you become more advanced, you will need to take a little more pride in the appearance of your jewellery. In time, hacking at your craft wire with the kitchen knife won’t be good enough and you will need proper jewellery making tools. Not only will your jewellery look better, but it will make it much easier and quicker for you. The initial cost of funding this equipment may seem like a big jump, especially when it is for a hobby, however in the long run, they can give you the finish that is needed to be able to sell your products, or give them away as gifts to family and friends.

Learn the Lingo

It’s all well and good watching YouTube tutorials but do you really understand what they mean when they are telling you to buy certain tools and perform certain techniques? You need to learn the names for all things jewellery making and when it is appropriate for them to be used. Learning this terminology will save you a lot of time and money buying the wrong products.

Sort Yourself a Dedicated Workspace

Whether you are writing an essay, reading a book or painting a picture, it is always better to have your own work space to really give it your all. It can be really frustrating when you have different equipment spread out across the house and nothing seems to be where you left it. Not everyone is able to have a whole room dedicated to their hobby, but you should at least be able to clear out a desk, section off a part of a room to devote to your jewellery making. Here you will be able to set up storage for all of your beads, stringing materials and tools ready to go when you need them. This way, when inspiration strikes, everything will be right where you need it to be!

Aside from any of the tips mentioned above, one of the most important parts of learning any new skill is the stay motivated. Don’t get disheartened if it takes you a while to pick up one technique. Like any other skill, it can take time before you reach expert status, so don’t allow one failed day ruin your passion for jewellery making.

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