How To use Yellow in Your Earring Designs

 Lynn's yellow earring

Yellow is my absolute favourite colour, it’s bright, cheerful and brightens up my day. I am completely drawn to it, therefore I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that stands out and represents my kind of yellow – bold and bright. There is nothing tacky about this yellow, so to complement it I chose to mix it with antique silver findings so as not to cheapen it with anything to bright.

I decided upon creating a pair of statement earrings to show off this brilliant colour. I also incorporated a hint of steampunk into my design by using clock hands.

Steampunk Style Pendants
Czech Glass Faceted Beads
Connectors and Earring Components

I hope that this section on yellow inspires people to wear the colour yellow and give it a try. If you’re not ready for statement earrings then maybe mix it with other colours to create a bracelet or a ring.

Have fun!

Citrus Summertime Earrings

Lynn Whiteside

In House Designer





View All Our Yellow Products:

View All Our Yellow Products

Products Used
Tiger Tail – Silver – 5087
Side Hinge Calottes (3.2mm cup) – Antique Silver Plated
Fishook Earwires – Antique Silver Plated – 13971
5mm Jump Rings – Antique Silver Plated – 11580
2mm Round Crimp Beads – Antique Silver Plated – 12535
5 Hole Round Earring Connector – Antique Silver Plated – 14302
50mm Headpins – Antique Silver Plated – 11583
16mm Watch Hand Pendant – Antique Silver Plated – 11332
4mm Miyuki Cube Seed Beads
4mm Czech Faceted Round Glass Beads – Jonquil – 12029
6mm Czech Faceted Round Glass Beads – Lemon – 12359
5mm Metal Rhondell Spacer Beads – Black Plated – 4474
6mm Czech Wooden Round Beads – Yellow – 20
10mm Czech Wooden Round Beads – Yellow – 22

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