Nymo Threads Explained

Nymo thread is a slightly waxed, lightly twisted flat nylon thread. It is available in 5 sizes: 00, 0, B, D, F. Choose your sizing depending on the hole size of your beads & needles, but also consider the weight of the items you are threading; the lighter the beads, the less over all tensile strength you will require. 

Nymo is a popular choice for on & off loom work, bead weaving with seed beads and embroidery crafts. Use with flexible beading needles & big eye needles. Nymo thread is a cost effective alternative to other popular brands such as Japanese K.O thread, S-Lon & Fireline. Nymo will give you a flexible soft finish every time. 

Use our useful chart for tensile strengths, cord thicknesses and bobbin lengths. 

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