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Jewellery Making Tips | Jewellery Making Tips | The Bead Shop 10/06/2015
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Get Festival Ready with a Handmade Flower Crown

Although we haven’t been lucky enough to see much sunny weather so far this year, festival season is still right around the corner. But if you haven’t managed to get your hands on any Glastonbury tickets, it doesn’t mean you can’t still rock that signature festival look. Daisy crowns fly off the shelves at this time of the year, but if you want to add a unique touch to yours, we can show you how to make something extra special. Making a flower crown couldn’t be any easier. You will... Read More

Kumihimo with Swarovski Crystals 24/03/2015

Weaving Different Kumihimo Braids Using Swarovski Crystals

W >                           There are so many ways to create a Kumihimo bracelet or necklace, depending on the beads, threads and the set up of the board you can achieve so many different looks, In this blog I wanted to show you how to get two different Kumihimo patterns using Swarovski Xilion bicones by simply changing the layout of threads and beads on the board.   Choosing the colours of beads can sometimes take longer than making a... Read More

happy mothers day 13/03/2015

Make Your Mother’s Day with a Unique Necklace

Are you struggling for original Mother’s Day ideas this year? Perhaps you’re in competition with yourself  to top what you bought last year, or maybe you’re a bit bored of buying the same old bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, we are all hoping to show our mums just how much they mean to us, and what better way to do so than with a thoughtful necklace that you can customise in whatever way you choose? If you’re looking to add more of... Read More

Swarovski How To DIY 24/02/2015

What Can I Make With Swarovski Beads?

    Swarovski beads are a popular material for jewellery makers and bead lovers. The consistent high quality of the beads makes them the ideal choice for durability and longevity, creating the trends so that you can be ahead of the stylish curve. Swarovski beads come in a whole range of different shapes, sizes and colours so it can be often rather difficult to know where to begin!  The easiest way to pick your Swarovski is think about the piece you would like to make and the right Swarovski beads will... Read More


How to Make Wired Hearts for Valentine’s

This romantic heart necklace is inspired by Valentine’s day and, whether you like to celebrate Valentine’s day or not, creating jewellery with a romantic, delicate, love theme is a lovely, warming feeling. The wire heart with the red and pink cluster of Swarovski crystals has a Valentine’s theme,  however changing the colours of the beads to creams and whites gave a completely different effect. Craft wire is so easy to manipulate into your desired designs, this is why I love it so much!   Here’s How To Make Wired Hearts Necklace………. 4.... Read More

Duvet DIY 11/12/2014

How To Make Your Own Duvet Set

We love creating new things and learning new skills here at The Bead Shop so we couldn’t wait to pop down to the Betta Living event to learn how to make our own duvet set in just one evening.   Me and Jess headed down to the event at The Trafford Centre in Manchester and were warmly welcomed by a tea party: If there is one way to win us over it is with a cute afternoon tea! The gorgeous mini cakes, swoon-worthy china cups and embroidered table cloth had... Read More

Glass Beads | DIY Christmas Decorations 11/12/2014

How To Make Beaded Christmas Snowflake Decorations

The nights are drawing in and the air is getting crisp and that can only mean one thing: Christmas is here! We love the feeling you only find at Christmas. Rushing in from the cold to warm up, sharing good times with loved ones and choosing the perfect gifts for that special day. Well, what better way to celebrate this wonderful time (and showcase your beading skills!) than by making your own festive decorations?   These wintery snowflakes are so easy to make and, honestly, the most difficult part is... Read More


How To Make a Light Catcher By Melting Pony Beads

                              If you think beads are exclusively used in jewellery projects then think again. Plastic Pony beads will melt very easily in a kitchen oven making them the perfect material to create multi coloured melted objects. All you will need is a cake tin with removable bottom and biscuit cutters in a shape of your choice. The wonderful thing about melting plastic pony beads is that once cooled, the plastic retracts slightly making your now hardened shape... Read More


How To Make A Lace Necklace

  To me, lace has always oozed elegance and grace, it brings with it visions of fantasy, fairy tales and for some reason Beatrix Potter.   Whether it’s the trimming on an exquisite garment or the tiniest detail on handcrafted soft furnishing, it brings with it a touch of classical beauty not reserved exclusively for period dramas and grandma’s doilies.  With this in mind, I was inspired to create a lace necklace using traditional elements but with a slightly more modern overall finish. Making The Lace Necklace We stock a wide range... Read More


Jewellery Plier Sets Help You Get Started In a New Craft

New Jewellery Plier Sets Sometimes it is hard to plan for all eventualities, especially when you are new to a any craft, so it is nice that someone has created a starter pack that takes away the thinking for you and helps you along the way with some helpful tools you may not have thought of. Thats why I love these new jewellery plier sets and am so happy to see them available at The Bead Shop. They are the perfect starter sets for beginners, with all different price ranges... Read More


How To Make Headbands With Ribbon and Lace

I was very excited to be working with Ribbon and Lace, they both give such a delicate feminine finish with a hint of Victoriana, I love incorporating them into my Jewellery designs. My first idea was to make a brooch, as I started to build up the design but it became apparent that it was looking a little too large for a brooch, so I decided to turn it into a head piece, a lovely idea for bridesmaids, brides, or just for an evening out. My Design Using Ribbon &... Read More


How to make Summer Solstice Jewellery

  It’s that time of year again where we start to shed our layers and enjoy the warmth from the sun.  As the Summer Solstice is once again in our midst we were feeling inspired to create’ sunny’  jewellery appropriate for the hot weather we’re all praying for. With this in mind three of our lovely and talented shop staff decided to each design a piece inspired by the Summer solstice. Sunburst Necklace Henna inspired Hand Jewellery   This hand piece is fit for a bohemian princess.  I have recently been... Read More


How to Make 90’s Style Chokers with Ribbon Clamps!

  The 90’s are back and they’re coming to get you.  Grungy and laid back, with a sprinkling of Bohemian chic, 90’s style is about appearing effortless. T-Shirts are worn over stretched, cropped and customised, Denim is torn, jewellery mismatched and layered. Silver was the metal of choice; fingers adorned with chunky unpolished rings, arms cluttered with bangles and necklines draped with chokers and pendants. Chokers Using Ribbon Clamps The humble choker is a jewellery item that creates maximum effect with minimal effort. Wearing a choker with T-shirt and Jeans will... Read More


Moss Green Charm bracelet by Di Keeble

Here at The Bead Shop, we love discovering amazing designers and makers. There is a wonderful sense of community in the beading world, and so many beautiful pieces being made, we can’t help but feel inspired.  We wanted to share our latest finds and favourites with you so you too can feel as creative as we do! Di Keeble, the designer behind Di Keeble Beads & Jewellery, is our latest bead crush. She has an excellent eye for colour, selecting some of the most beautiful combinations we have seen in... Read More


How To Choose A Pendant Bail For Your Swarovski Beads

This week in our bail series, we focus on the last of our Swarovski categories, the often troublesome graphic and baroque pendants. These skilfully crafted beads are a little different than the normal Swarovski bead, but they are just as beautiful (and versatile!) They come in a range of crystal colours, unique shapes and differing sizes so you can create something truly special. Simply pick your favourite bead from the table and use this handy guide to find the perfect pendant bail in no time at all! Match Your Swarovski... Read More


How To Create Festival Jewellery

With the festival season starting I wanted to design a few different bracelets that all had a festival feel. In recent years I think image has become more important festivals and even though it can be muddy and wet, when the sun is shining the jewellery comes out too!! If you have been to a festival you will know that taking jewellery on and off can be stressful when you just want to collapse in your tent. The perfect solution to this is memory wire, which is basically a coiled... Read More


How To Pick Pendant Bails For Our Swarovski Drops

Part three of our handy bail guide sees us looking at the beautiful range of Swarovski drops. It can seem a little daunting, as these lovely beads come in such a range of sizes and styles. But they are perfect for adding a touch of classical glamour to your bracelet, necklace or earring designs. All you need to do is choose your favourite drop from the left column and you can find your perfect pendant bails, jump rings or split rings that will allow you to create perfect jewellery piece with... Read More


How To Use Decoden Faux Fake Whipped Cream Glue

I’m fascinated by the Japanese Decora fashion style, and have seen the incredible things that have come out of the subculture using this medium, so we were excited when the Decoden Faux Fake Whipped Cream Glue arrived at The Bead Shop HQ! Deco, short for decorated, is a trend originating in Japan and is primarily seen adorning phone cases and portable game consoles. But these whimsical designs have also been seen on picture frames, hair accessories, manicures and so much more! The desired items are smothered in gloriously fluffy glue resembling fresh... Read More


How to create jewellery using cameos in your jewellery making

Cameos have so many wonderful uses, we just can’t get enough of them here at The Bead Shop. They provide the ideal vintage inspired touch to create beautiful pieces with an heirloom feel. Of course, seasoned experts can always challenge themselves with intricately weaved seed beads and multi-strand necklaces: there is a project waiting for all skill sets and beading niches! But, with so many cameos and mounts to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. I find the easiest way to begin is to pick... Read More


How To Use Earring Connectors To Make A Necklace

Today I want to show you a few different ideas of how to use jewellery findings when making jewellery. I decided to use the small hoop earring component and S Hook with our new glitter faux suede, as I’ve been itching to use it ever since I saw it! Using three lengths of the glitter faux suede. To start, I folded the suede ends over to create a loop. Then, with the 0.6mm (22 gauge) non tarnish craft wire, I made a few wraps to seal the loops and repeated this on the... Read More