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Easter Cards 09/03/2016

Easter Card Making

It certainly hasn’t passed us by that Easter is coming up soon and of course we grab any opportunity to be creative here at The Bead Shop! Easter aligns with the start of spring, which gives us plenty of new and cheerful colours, patterns and materials to work with.   Rather than focusing on jewellery, we thought we’d guide you through how to create Easter cards with our supplies. Let yourself get inspired and turn Easter into the new Christmas!


Beautiful Vintage Style Jewellery You Can Make at Home.

If you love vintage jewellery just as much we do, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to find a one of a kind piece. Discovering jewellery making means that you can create something completely unique, without having to pay a fortune. If you are completely new to jewellery making, you dont need to worry when it comes to making vintage style pieces. There are some amazing, not to mention quirky pieces of jewellery that you can make that are really easy to... Read More

Semi Precious Beads | The Bead Shop 24/02/2016

Our February Picks at The Bead Shop

There’s been a lot going on at The Bead Shop this month and we have bought you some amazing new products to help you take your jewellery making, or crafts hobby, to the next level. With amazing new Magatama seed beads from Miyuki and a whole new range of colours in our cord collection, there is never a better time to step up your jewellery making skills. We have rounded up our three favourite new products for you this month.   Magatama Seed Beads If you are beginner to jewellery... Read More

e6000 glue | Craft glue 20/02/2016

How to Make the Most out of your E6000 Adhesive

There’s no doubt that if you are passionate about jewellery making, or arts and crafts in general, you have probably tried to use E6000 Adhesive for at least one of your projects. For those who haven’t used it before, it is important to note that whilst this glue remains one of the most popular and effective adhesives, it is very powerful, therefore it is important that before you start using it, you are aware of how to use it properly. To make sure that you avoid any disasters whilst using... Read More

jewellery making tools | The bead shop 11/02/2016

All you need to know about Jewellery Making Tools

          If you have a creative mind, jewellery making can not only be a superb hobby, but it can also be a great stream of revenue; either on the side or as a full time job. Whilst many jewellery makers stick to creating pieces for their own personal use, once you have become more experienced, you can pass them on as gifts, or to sell.     With all its benefits, jewellery making can be fun. However, as you start to try and experiment with more... Read More

Swarovski Beads | Beads Online 04/02/2016

Beautiful Jewellery to Make this Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s day is fast approaching, so it is getting hard to escape the feeling of love in the air! Whilst it is heartwarming to receive a gift of any kind from a loved one, the feeling of receiving something that has been specially handmade makes it all the more sentimental, especially where Swarovski Crystal is involved.   Not only is making your own jewellery fun, exciting and more thoughtful than buying something from a store, the overall cost can also be a lot cheaper, which is perfect is your... Read More

Metallic Beads | Beads Online | The Bead Shop 28/01/2016

Our January Picks at The Bead Shop

If there’s any time of the year when to make a change, it’s January. And we have more new beads, charms and general crafty-ness than ever before at The Bead Shop, to keep you on your toes. Our online store is a treasure trove full of exciting new beads, charms and jewellery making essentials to discover, but if you’re not looking in the right place, you may miss the piece of your dreams! So to give you a hand on what beads you should be looking at this month, we... Read More


Top Tips for Jewellery Making Beginners

Starting out in jewellery making can be daunting, especially when everyone around you seems to be making expert Kumihimo braids and you’re still learning the basics. However, everyone has to start somewhere, before they become experts in their field. So, to give you a helping hand in getting through the first few hurdles, we have searched high and low to find some of the best tips for jewellery making beginners to get you on a roll, straight from the experts.   Start with the type of jewellery that you enjoy... Read More


Up and Coming Spring Colours to Work into Your Jewellery Designs

With spring not that far away, it is coming up to the time for us to start thinking about updating our winter wardrobe to something a little more vibrant. To help give you direction, we have sought out some of the most important colours for Spring 2016, according to Pantone, and how you can incorporate them into your jewellery designs. These colours are “influenced by the world of art”, focussing on colours that are calm and reflect the beauty of the world’s natural resources. Out of the top 10 colours... Read More


The Benefits of Making Your Own Jewellery

If you’re tempted to start the New Year with a brand new hobby, beading could be perfect! In this post we’ll share some of the main benefits to making your own jewellery.  Therapeutic Jewellery making can be an incredibly therapeutic hobby that can help you to unwind after a long day. Whether you make a Kumihimo bracelet using Swarovski beads while watching your favourite soaps on TV or you prefer to sit in silence while you create a beaded choker, jewellery making can be a really relaxing way to pass... Read More


How to Make Beaded Hoop Earrings

        When it comes to doing your Christmas shopping, there’s always that one person who is impossible to buy for. Sometimes it can be a real struggle to find the perfect gift for them. The good news is that you may be able to tackle this problem by making your own gifts instead. If you’re new to the world of beading, making jewellery yourself may seem like a real challenge, so we’ve created this step-by-step guide to get you started. You’re welcome! Let’s start by making these gorgeous... Read More


Important Tools For Making A Kumihimo Bracelet

If you’re new to the world of Kumihimo braiding, it can be tricky to know where to start. Here are the most important tools you’ll need: Kumihimo Braiding Disk A braiding disk is an essential part of the Kumihimo process. There are three different types to choose from, including 6” round braiding discs, 4.25” round braiding discs and 6” square braiding plates.  Kumihimo thread Although there are a wide variety of cords to choose from, Superlon Bead Cords are one of the most popular options amongst enthusiastic Kumihimo bracelet makers. It’s easy... Read More

Felt Christmas Tree Decorations 14/12/2015

Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas From Around The Web

Decorating our homes with lots of festive décor has to be one of our favourite parts of the Christmas season. But as much as we love unwrapping a new box of baubles and draping the tree in fairy lights, buying decorations rather than making them feels like cheating. After all, we’re a creative bunch with a crafting toolkit that is overflowing at the seams. We recently shared 8 of our favourite handmade Christmas trees, but today we’re sharing some of the best decorations from elsewhere on the web.   Threaded... Read More

Handmade Jewellery Christmas Tree 10/12/2015

8 Handmade Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree

For many people, the Christmas tree is a vital part of the festive season and the tree-decorating process itself can be a really exciting activity. However, if you’re trying to save money, be kinder to the environment, or you simply fancy getting creative, why not make your own? Here are just a few handmade alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree we know and love.     Necklace Tree What better way to showcase all your handmade jewellery than to display them in the shape of a tree? We’ve fallen in... Read More


How to make Christmas decorations by melting pony beads

You probably never thought you’d see the day where we’d recommend you destroy the beads you buy from us, but today is that day! It may come as a surprise to learn that you can make gorgeous Christmas decorations by melting pony beads. These colourful beads are so bright, versatile and affordable they’re just asking to be melted. To create a really festive feel, we recommend using green and red beads, or blue and white as a nod to Frozen.  All you need is: Pony beads  Stringing material such as... Read More

Jewellery Making Blog 25/11/2015

Handmade Christmas Jewellery Ideas

With Christmas just a month away, it’s time for beading and handmade jewellery enthusiasts to start thinking about what they’ll make this year. Whether you’re making gifts for your friends or jewellery for your work Christmas party, there are so many styles to choose from. Here we run through just a few of this season’s styles you could recreate: Ear cuffs Make a statement at your work’s Christmas party by wearing some fierce and fearless ear cuffs. These are easy to make with the help of the following tools: Craft... Read More

Beading Supplies 18/11/2015

How to Make a Beaded Snowflake Decoration

Decorating our homes has to be one of our favourite parts of the festive season. From hanging fairy lights on the tree to filling every surface with snowflake ornaments, everything about Christmas decorations is fun. However, believe it or not, it’s possible to make the home decorating process even more satisfying – by making your own! If you’ve never made your own decorations before, it may seem like a daunting challenge, but the good news is we have plenty of decoration-making tools at The Bead Shop to make the process... Read More

Swarovski Crystals 13/11/2015

3 Ways To Use Swarovski Beads

If you like your jewellery to be stylish and sophisticated, Swarovski beads could be the perfect addition to your jewellery making toolkit. These high quality beads are durable and attractive, allowing you to create stylish and high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. There are a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. If anything, you might struggle to decide which ones to use! Necklace For that world famous Swarovski quality and shine, Swarovski crystals can be the perfect statement-making addition to a necklace.... Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Beading

Whether you’re a jewellery addict looking to make your own personalised creations or someone hoping to make money by selling handmade bracelets, there are plenty of things to take into account when venturing into the world of beading for the first time. Here are just a few of the key things to consider:  Learn some basic skills Whether you’re planning on working with traditional beads or crystal-like pendants, most projects require a few basic skills. For example, you’re likely to need to know how to open and close a jump ring and... Read More


Essential Jewellery Making Tools

Whether you’ve started making jewellery as a hobby or you’re a jewellery-making pro, it can be a good idea to create your own beading tool kit so you always have everything you need to hand! Here are just a few of the tools we use on a regular basis to make our own jewellery: Pliers Pliers are a must for any beading project. However, it’s easy to get confused by the various types available. Flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and wire cutters are some of the most... Read More