Jewellery Making Kits 

Jewellery Making Kits give you all the items you need to create the most perfect pieces. They are great if you want to learn a new technique, practice an old favourite, or just create a wonderful piece from scratch. All our Jewellery Making Kits are created by our wonderfully talented in-house designers, who offer their combined decades of experience and product knowledge to help you learn skills while creating beautiful beaded pieces. These include detailed instructions, clear step- by-step pictures and handy hints and tips to help you perfect your expertise to create and design your own pieces.

 The kits have been created with the customer in mind, so you get incredibly clear and detailed instructions and images to develop your knowledge and let you learn at your own pace. If you do get stuck, our blog is always available with extra help and tutorials and our friendly customer service staff are just waiting to advise you on any queries you may have. We also include handy leaflets containing a whole range of jewellery techniques, such as opening and closing jump rings, turning loops in memory wire and using crimp beads, so that you can keep these for future reference when you are venturing into the world of designing your own pieces. 

It is so much more affordable than you may think to create some of the pieces currently on offer. Braided Kumihimo Bracelets can be made for only £15.00 with the Kumihimo Jewellery Kit for Beginners, complete with everything you need to start your braided journey, or learn how to include beads in your braids using the Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Kit for only £20.00. Ideal for a present for the crafting beginner, or those who want to brush up on their skills, the Beginners Starter Kit walks you through all the basic jewellery making techniques you will need in your beading career, such as turning loops, using crimp beads and using jewellery wire, whilst creating a beautiful set of bracelet, necklace and earrings (there is also a few extra beads and headpins so you can design your own afterwards!) For those a bit further down their beading path, we have the Superduo Weave Bracelet Kits, only £6.00 each, and the Beaded Snowflake Decorations from only £2.00. There is a kit available to suit all budgets and beading levels.

Jewellery making kits are proving more popular than ever, with beginners and seasoned experts picking them up alike. They are proving to be the ideal gift for any occasion for any ability as the kits teach you techniques but also allow you to make beautiful pieces that you can keep and cherish forever. Swarovski Crystals are a firm trend within the Jewellery Making Kit world and can add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any design. Wirework has increased in popularity in recent times so our Wirework ring kits act as the perfect introduction, combining wirework techniques with the quality of Swarovski crystals