Swarovski Elements and Crystal Bead Designs

Swarovski Elements are highly renowned in the beading world, often cited as one of the most glamorous and high quality materials to work with. They are recognised for their ability to create precision cut crystal in some of the most wonderful shapes, colours and finishes to create a crystal finish of unmatched brilliance. The exact proportion of ingredients used remain a closely guarded company secret but their innovations and 120 years of crystal expertise are evident in their every growing elements collection.


Creating your own design with Swarovski elements costs much less than you may think for such high quality crystal beads. The most popular shape, the Xilion Bicone, can cost as little as £1.20 for 20 beads with 7 sizes and a full rainbow of Swarovski perfected colours to choose from. Even statement elements are available for a lower price than you may expect for luxury crystal with Large Pear Drops start at only £2.30 per pendant and Designer Hearts from only £2.50. For bold designs why not try the Skull Pendants, starting at £5.25 per bead, for a truly sparkling focal point? There are a whole host of different shapes and sizes to suit every design and budget.

The beauty of Swarovski Elements is that they can be used in nearly every design that you can think of! The traditional bicone and faceted round shapes are perfectly designed to create the basis of a necklace or bracelet and can even be used singularly in a wire wrapped ring, for example. The ever classic shapes bring life to Kumihimo or braided designs which allow the famous Swarovski sparkle to be shown in all its dazzling glory. Swarovski Pendants, such as Stars, Snowflakes, Keys and Drops, can create a necklace with the simple addition of a bail or jump ring and chain or can be combined with other shapes and sizes, such as the Crystal Pearls, for a design filled with texture. As Swarovski Elements come in a range of sizes they are perfect to make a bespoke matching jewellery set for a low cost. Try using the beautiful heart shapes to create an earring and necklace set that will rival any professional jeweller!


This versatility and quality is why everyone enjoys the sparkle Swarovski elements range, from jewellery designers and fashion houses to interior designers and architects. Big name designers such as Chanel, Balenciaga and Christian Dior have all collaborated with Swarovski and used Swarovski elements in their designs and Jean Paul Gaultier even helped design a range of cutting edge beads! Swarovski stay ahead of the trends with their fashion connections and this is reflected in their jewellery making elements.


For Autumn/ Winter 2015 Swarovski trends head back to basics, focusing on our unique human qualities that exist outside an over-saturated digital world. Bright colours play to our artistic side through colours such as Fireopal, Rose, Astral Pink and Iridescent Green while cooler hues such as Crystal, Luminous Green, Crystal Moonlight and Blue Shade appeal to our desire for tranquillity and calm. Burgundy, Antique Pink, Hematite and Blackberry shades add a hint of mystery, appealing to our obsession with the unexplainable and mysterious. The colours shine through shapes that are becoming more fluid and organic, with Pear Drops and Crystal Pearls interspersed with Xilion Bicones for depth and texture.