About Craft Wire

Craft wire is a highly versatile jewellery making material, our customers use it for an extensive range of projects from producing their own jump rings using 6 in 1 Looping Pliers to create their own unique wedding tiara’s incorporating Swarovski Elements.

Craft wire can also be crocheted or if you prefer you can hammer it on a Beadsmith Bench Block to make it less malleable to use as ear wires or how about fashioning your very own bespoke jump rings with help from our Beadsmith Plastic Ring Mandrel.

We also supply the Beadsmith 1 Step Looper to ensure that every single one of your loops is perfect. if you’re still unsure about what you want to create using your craft wire, we have a plethora of wire work jewellery books for you to choose and take inspiration from.

Beadsmith Non Tarnish Craft Wire

Beadsmith Non Tarnish Craft Wire- non tarnish is a high quality flexible wire made up of 99.9% copper; it has a baked on nylon coating, this protects the colour and gives the finished product a non-tarnish quality. The silver and gold coloured wire is plated with 99.9% pure silver and gold.

It can be hammered and moulded and looped without any damage to the plating, we stock from 0.3mm to 2mm. non tarnish craft wire is ideal for a whole host of jewellery designs using the likes of Semi Precious beadsShamballa Beads and Bead Mixes. It can be use in a wide range of techniques including coiling, flattening and you can even make custom made findings without risk of damage or discolouration to the coating. We stock from 0.3mm for more delicate wire wrapping to 2mm for more sturdy projects.

Plated Craft Wire

Standard plated craft wire is ideal for the novice as it is malleable and easy to work with;we stock it from 0.4mm to 1.5mm it is super affordable so you don’t need to worry about making any rooky mistakes.

Beadalon Pattered German Style Wire

This high quality non tarnish craft wire is ideal for those of you looking for something a little different, it is perfect for adding texture to a piece of jewellery and creating a unique twist on a hand crafted piece of jewellery.

Budget Craft Wire our budget wire comes in a wide range of bold colours perfect for creating fun and bright jewellery, the low price also means it is ideal to play with and is perfect for beginners and children getting to grips with.

Craft Wire Size Guide
  • 0.3mm (28g)- Very fine wire - Uses - wire weaving, crocheting, knitting and wrapping small beads
  • 0.4mm (26g)- Thin Wire – Uses- wire wrapping beads to tiaras
  • 0.5mm (24g) - Medium Thin – Uses- Wire Wrapping most beads (except delicate beads)
  • 0.6mm (22g)- Medium wire – Uses- wire wrapping large hole beads and creating beaded flowers, petals and leaves.
  • 0.8mm (20g) - Medium Thick- Uses- Making findings such as ear wires, headpins and small wire clasps it is also usedto create beaded flowers, petals and leaves. (You’ll need heavy duty tools)
  • 1mm (18g) - Fairly Thick- Uses- ring shanks and stems for beaded flowers (you’ll need heavy duty tools)
  • 1.2mm- 1.6mm (16g-14g) Very Thick- uses- unsupported shapes, bracelet bases and strong neck wires
  • 2mm (12g) Very Thick- uses- unsupported shapes, bracelet bases and strong neck wires.