About Craft Wire

When it comes to building up your own jewellery-making toolkit, craft wire is an absolute must. A highly versatile material, it can be used for an extensive range of projects.

Whether you want to create your own jump rings or chokers, craft wire is the perfect basis for all your jewellery-making needs.

Coloured craft wire can really bring your pieces to life and, if teamed with subtle jewels or beads, it could even be the main focal point.

One of craft wire’s greatest assets is the fact that its colour will never fade or tarnish, meaning it will continue to look vibrant forever and will never need replacing. There are two primary types of craft wire to choose from.

Non Tarnish Craft Wire is made up of 99.9% copper and has a baked on nylon coating which protects the colour and gives the finished product a non-tarnish quality. It can be hammered, moulded or looped without any damage to the plating and can be incorporated with anything from Semi Precious beads to Shamballa Beads. The second option, Plated Craft Wire, is particularly ideal for the novice jewellery maker as it’s easy to use and incredibly affordable, so if you make any mistakes along the way, there’s no need to worry.