jewellery making for beginners


All you need to know about Jewellery Making Tools

If you have a creative mind, jewellery making can not only be a superb hobby, but it can also be a great stream of revenue; either on the side or as a full time job. Whilst many jewellery makers stick to creating pieces for their own persoal use, once you have become more experienced, you can pass them on as gifts, or to sell.   With all its benefits, jewellery making can be fun. However, as you start to try and experiment with more difficult pieces, it can become a... Read More


Top Tips for Jewellery Making Beginners

Starting out in jewellery making can be daunting, especially when everyone around you seems to be making expert Kumihimo braids and you’re still learning the basics. However, everyone has to start somewhere, before they become experts in their field. So, to give you a helping hand in getting through the first few hurdles, we have searched high and low to find some of the best tips for jewellery making beginners to get you on a roll, straight from the experts. Start with the type of jewellery that you enjoy the... Read More