About Pendants & Charms

Each comes with the added beauty of being reusable; if you fancy cheering up a brooch then you can always use one of your charms from an existing necklace or bracelet.

Pendant & Charm Range

Below are some of the pendants and charms you will find in The Bead Shop’s collection:

  • Laser cut wooden heart pendants have been carved with precision to create an ornate floral pattern which can be added to with many different types of beads or hung as a single pendant. Each with a 2 mm threading hole, you can choose from red, pink, blue, turquoise or purple.
  • Our resin charm collection really brings a jewellery piece to life and manages to raise a smile with most. Popular resin charms include cupcake charms, ice cream cone charms and biscuit charms and our resin charms with lobster clasps can also be used as phone charms. Use our selection to provide extra vision for that unique and personalised gift you are looking for.
  • The Bead Shop’s Christmas inspired Fimo charms are a definite for Yuletide jewellery makers. Have a look at our fun Father Christmas, stocking and Christmas tree charms for some festive food for thought.
  • Metal pendants and charms offer both personality and style to a jewellery design. Our antique silver flower and leaf, fairy and animal pendants are popular all year round.
  • Not to be missed are our gingerbread man charms, ceramic charms, the huge diamanté charm collection and the kettles, watch faces and sewing machines in our steam punk style pendants range.

Pendant & Charm Design Ideas

The Bead Shop has seen many design ideas using pendants and charms. One favourite is the use of a Large Resin Cake on a ring base; a simple piece to create using 5 minute epoxy resin.

Have a look at one of our elasticated charm bracelets using our nature charms or love charms collections to create a unique and thoughtful bracelet or necklace. Another way to make your own charm bracelet, is to crochet your bracelet of craft wire, remember try and always think out the box.

Our musical charms including the treble clef charm and saxophone charm are perfect for music lovers, the Pharaoh charms would suit those with a love for ancient Egypt and our mask pendants are perfect for theatre goers. 

The Bead Shop has many more pendants and charms to choose from. Browse through our selection to find what you are looking for or to gain some inspiration. Also take a look at our large assortment of stringing material and jewellery findings to connect with your perfect pendant and turn your ideas into a reality.