About Flatbacks Cameos and Cabochons

Browsing through The Bead Shop selection also works as inspiration if you’re looking to trigger some creativity for a craft project or jewellery design. Working with flatbacks, cameos and cabochons is simple and provides a swift turnaround for an effective end result.


Our flatback collection includes round or oval resin flatback flower clusters which can be purchased in 18 mm or 32x22 mm sizes. There are lots of different colours available including orange, brown and cream and they are popular additions for many different craft projects.

There are three different sizes of resin flatback sunflower designs along with a number of different colour options. The 35 mm resin flatback flower offers vintage chic and is available in pinks, purples and reds.


Our cameo designs include flowers, cherubs, angels, skulls and pistols. Traditional portrait cameos offer a classic feel while more contemporary pieces provide an edgy quality to a number of different craft projects.


A cabochon is a polished gemstone which has been moulded into a dome shape with a convex top and a flat bottom. You can glue cabochons to cameo mounts and use them as a colourful pendant on a necklace and you may also craft wire wrap them. Choose from pearl beads, abalone red, and hematite styles to customise your jewellery design.

The Bead Shop’s sew on plastic cabochon mix includes a rainbow of coloured cabochons with holes for threading; stars, hearts and square shaped are available. In each pack there is around 20 different cabochons.

Working With Flatback Cameos And Cabochons

Whether you are working with flatbacks, cameos, cabochons or all three; you will need some jewellery making equipment to create your design. We have a complete range of adhesives including Beadsmith Zap jewellery gel which forms an instant bond between a range of different materials.

E600 glue is a versatile glue which also works on many different materials and it is available in four different sizes. Glue sticks and glue guns help with application and can be purchased online too.

Our flatback, cameo and cabochon accessories contain an assortment of ring bases, brooch backs and mounts. Our Beadsmith Collage sheets are available in Alice in Wonderland, Vintaj brass and fairy themes.

Remember that if you are designing your jewellery item as a gift for someone else then have a look at our gift boxes including rose heart boxes and wooden poppy gift boxes.