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Did you know The Bead Shop has been in Manchester since 1993 and over the years we have met some very inspiring people who love beads. We have shared all of our jewellery making & craft ideas with our customers and learnt new designs and tricks from them.

Although we can’t convey the atmosphere of our uk bead store online, we hope you find the site as fun and enticing as shopping in person. We pride ourselves on our unique and stylish beads from all around the world, which includes glass beads and Swarovski Crystals. As bead lovers, we are always finding amazing new products and adding them to our website and also specialise in wholesale orders.

If you cant find the product you are looking for then please feel free to our friendly customer service team on 0161 833 9950. 

You might want to take some inspiration from some of the jewellery you have seen on the high street or that your friends have been wearing recently.

Some of the favourite beads to work with when making jewellery are glass beads, wooden beads and plastic beads. There are even Swarovski crystals for you to choose from if you think that they would be appropriate for the type of jewellery that you are making.

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