About Bead Mixes

Bead mixes are a beader’s favourite, as they are an ideal way to evenly restock your bead supply, they look striking with metal spacer beads and they also work well for many other kinds of jewellery designs. 

Our Range Of Bead Mixes

Below are some popular bead mix choices:

  • Combine glitz with personality by choosing one of our Swarovski bead mixes, one of the Bead Shop’s most well-loved mixes. Ranges include the Xillion Bicone Vintage Gold Mix and the classic diamond mix.
  • Czech Pearl Bead mixes are also a firm choice; they are available in rounds, drops and nugget shapes and can be purchased in pinks, greys and brown mixes.
  • Aquas, whites, blacks and multi coloured mixes are all shades and combinations available in our fire polished, high shine faceted glass bead mix collection.
  • Pressed Czech glass bead mixes rounds, hearts, discs, twists and cubes and can be bought in 50 g bags each of which contains around 40 beads.
  • The Bead Shop’s Indian Fancy Mix is vibrant and colourful with each bead having its own unique hand painted design. 
  • Our wooden bead mixtures are easy for children who want to work with beads and we have a full range of fun and multi-coloured designs.
  • Our large seed bead mixtures collection is bursting with visual flavours including our zesty Japanese sunburst mix; the earthy lavender garden Delica seed bead mix and the ocean-inspired Caribbean blue mix.
  • End of line bead mixes and The Bead Shop’s Beadsmith soups come in tubes each weighing around 22g. Choose from blue lagoon, tango, strawberry and many more mixes.

Accessories For Working With Bead Mixes

Our storage boxes are an inexpensive and ideal way of keeping your bead mixes separate and we have two different sizes available to choose from. We have no shortage of stringing material including tiger tail wire, nylon, stretch magic and Beadmsith metallic thread, all of which can be incorporated into bead jewellery creations.

Browse through The Bead Shop’s jewellery findings collection to see a variety of ways in which you can creatively make your bead design work. We have an assortment of earring findings, jewellery end fasteners and clasps.