What Are Miyuki Seed Beads?

Seed beads is the collective term used for a range of different types of small beads. Their uses vary; sometimes they are used to fill up space in jewellery making and other times they are part of a focal point on a necklace, bracelet or set of earrings.

Miyuki Seed beads work well with fabric and are popular adornments for many embroidery and fabric creations. Wire work crafters also find seed beads easy to work with when using craft wire.

Types Of Seed Beads

Below are two popular choices of seed bead we offer at the Bead Shop:

  • Miyuki seed beads are steeped in ancient Japanese history and have moved with the times to become a well-loved premium bead brand, popular with fashion designers. They are cut with careful precision for a uniform shape and are often used for bead stitching and loom work
  • Delica seed beads are a form of Miyuki seed bead and are a firm favourite at The Bead Shop. Cylindrical and even in shape, these precision cut beads allow designers to create effortless detailed pieces. The large hole and thin walls mean several threads can fit through the centre making Delica beads ideal for bead weaving and loom work. Our extensive range of colours and Delica seed bead mixes will provide ample inspiration for all kinds of craft projects.

Different Shapes And Styles Of Seed Beads

The Bead Shop stocks a complete range of round, square, bugle shaped, hexagon and delica (cylindrical and regularly shaped) seed beads. We also have drop beads and twisted beads available.

All our colours are too many to mention but popular shades include dusky pinks, lavenders, antique ivory pearls and silver lined gold. Seed bead style and colour mixes are well-liked with our customers, examples include pebblestone mix, galvanised dark sea mix and strawberry field mix, to name to name but a few.

Seed beads are measured in aughts and you will often see the symbol 6/0, translated as 6 beads to 1 inch (when placed on jewellery cords or threads). Each of our seed beads is displayed with the size, weight and other dimensions applicable to it.

Other Jewellery Making Equipment

To get your seed bead jewellery made to the highest quality you will need a selection of jewellery making tools. The Bead Shops stocks a wide assortment of tools to help you create the perfect piece. We have pliers, beading boards, storage boxes and much more.

If you are looking for more beads to complement your seed bead creation then take a look out our glass beads or our shell disc beads collections for some more bead inspiration.