About Stringing Materials

Naturally, stringing materials are a functional element of jewellery design but they also add their own subtle dimension to a bracelet or necklace. Taking some time to think about the colour will ensure your stringing material complements your jewellery. Practically, you will need to consider the length and width so that the beads you have chosen work together.

Different Types Of Stringing Materials

If you are looking for inspiration then simply browse through our vast collection of colours, materials, lengths and widths to spark your imagination.

Below is a snapshot of some bead stringing favourites:

  • Rattail cord is one of the most popular stringing materials at The Bead Shop. It has a glossy and smooth finish and comes in 1, 2, or 3 mm thickness. Hot pink, turquoise, coffee and camel are just a few of the colours you can choose from.
  • Our Beadsmith cords include the much-loved and highly adaptable Superlon Beadcord made from twisted nylon. We also have Beadsmith C-lon TEX 400 Heavy Macrame Cord; a heavy weight cord available in black or white and ideal for simple bead stringing and Kumihimo. Beadsmith Superlon TEX 45 is a fray resistant, rigid stringing material with a flat finish which makes it great for threading and creating seed bead pieces.
  • Stretch magic is made out of elastic and is popular with beginners. There is no need to use a clasp to keep the ends together, you can simply tie it in a knot or even crimp it to keep it in position. Black, silver, clear and gold glitter are colours available and you can also choose from width sizes ranging from 0.5 mm – 1.8 mm.
  • Beadalon jewellery wire is a strong yet versatile stringing material made from stainless steel and coated in nylon. The Bead Shop has 3 different types available including 7 Strand, 19 Strand and 49 Strand, each with a different level of flexibility and purpose. Satin, black, bronze and silver are some of the colours we sell online and you can choose from a diversity of lengths and widths.
  • Nymo beading thread, tiger tail wire, necklace chokers and leather cord are also available as part of our stringing materials collection.

Stringing Material Accessories

We are confident that if you are looking for a stringing material that denotes a specific style and feel to your design then you will find it in our plentiful supply at The Bead Shop.

Take a look through our jewellery making equipment to help you team your stringing material with the perfect set of beads. Our range of Dichroic glass beads work effortlessly with Beadalon jewellery wire.

If you are looking for a more delicate appearance, when designing your seed bead bracelet or necklace, try our Beadalon 3.5 mm EZ Crimp End for a quality finishing touch.

The Bead Shop also has a range of jewellery making tools available including pliers, beading needles, adhesives and much more.