How to Make Tassels

A fun way to liven up your handmade jewellery is to attach little tassels to them. Nope, they don’t just look good on curtains and tablecloths, they’re great on jewellery as well – especially now festival season is coming up! Unfortunately tassels can be quite expensive, but not to worry: every DIY-fanatic will know that they’re very fun and super easy to make!

Follow our tutorial below to see how you can create your own. We’ve chosen for embroidery floss because it comes in hundreds different colours and textures, so you have plenty of options. However, you can also use cord, yarn or tissue paper.

Make Tassels


What you need:

  • Embroidery thread
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Scissors

How to make them:

  • Decide how long you want your tassel to be and cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard that is about 1.5 inch wide.
  • Wrap the thread around the cardboard until you reach its desired fullness (approx. 20 times).
  • Cut a second piece of embroidery thread that’s about 14” long. Fold it in half and thread it under the thread you just wrapped around the cardboard. Tighten it securely by making a knot, threading the ends through the loop of the folded thread.
  • Slide the thread off the cardboard.
  • Cut another piece of thread that’s 14″ long. Tie one end of the thread into a loop shape and lay it on the tassel. Wrap the other end of the floss around the tassel several times and pass the end of the thread through the loop. Close the loop gently by making a knot.
  • Cut the tassel ends, trim them evenly and voila, you’re done!
  • Attach the tassel to your jewellery with the tie-off ends at the top.
  • If you wish, you can also separate or fluff the individual strands of the tassel.

That was pretty easy!

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