Beadalon Beading Wire: The right wire for the job in hand

Beadalon beading wire, from the USA, is the ideal flexible stringing medium for your beading creations. Produced in a choice of three thicknesses: 49 strand, 19 strand, and 7 strand, Beadalon beading wire will help you to create fabulous beaded jewellery which looks and displays exactly how you intend it to. 

Beadalon wire is specially formulated using a series of fine stainless steel strands twisted together to make one flexible strand, which is then nylon coated for protection and to make it easier to use. Each of the three available thicknesses has different properties, and the thickness you select for your jewellery making will determine how your finished beads hold their shape or drape. 

Contrary to what you might think, the more strands in the Beadalon wire the more flexible the wire becomes. So for jewellery which needs more flow or drape you would choose the 49 strand Beadalon, whereas if you wanted something much firmer which would hold a shape better you might opt for the 7 strand Beadalon wire

Professional jewellery designers often prefer to use the 49 strand Beadalon wire, due to its exceptional qualities of softness and suppleness combined with its security, maximum strength and flexibility of use. For beginners the Beadalon 19 strand wire is a good compromise, as you can learn how Beadalon beading wire will work for you and get to know its properties. 

As well as being easy to use, Beadalon beading wire is kink-resistant, so your designs will maintain the shape you intend them to be; and because of its protective nylon coating, Beadalon wire will hold its colour and is not susceptible to abrasion wear, which will ensure your creation will continue to look good for years to come.


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