How to Make a Matubo SuperDuo Czech Beaded Bracelet

Learn to create this cute weave and produce a stunning bracelet or necklace, using Matubo SuperDuo Czech Beads.

Our large range of colours offers so many design possibilities. Whether you prefer complementary colours or like to experiment with contrasting shades, both will give you an equally stunning look.

Step 1

step 1

Take 2 x 60cm lengths of Beadalon 7 Strand jewellery wire. Fold the wire in half and thread a trigger clasp onto the centre of the wires. Gather the wires together and thread a tube crimp onto all the 4 lengths of wire. Push the crimp up to meet the clasp and squash it in place with flat nose pliers. (see image above) .

Step 2

grouped step 2

You should now have 4 individual strands of wire to work with. Take the first piece of wire and thread on a duo bead, then a seed bead. Continue like this along the wire until your bracelet is the desired length and make sure you end with a duo bead.

Now attach a temporary round crimp at the very end of this 1st wire to stop the beads from falling off while you thread the other 3 strands (this will be cut off at the end). Do this after you have threaded each length.

Step 3

grouped step 4

Now, thread the next colour of duo bead onto the second length of wire. Thread this through the empty hole of the duo beads on the first strand. Repeat this until you have incorporated all the beads on the first strand and completed a contrasting row of duos on the second strand.

Select a third colour and repeat the process on the third strand – Adding a duo bead, then passing the wire through the empty hole of duos on row two.

grouped step 10

Step 4

For the last section, pass the fourth strand of wire through the empty duo holes of row 3, while adding a seed bead in between. This should mirror the visual of the first row.

End this strand by threading through the last duo bead on the third strand and trim off all the temporary round crimps you added.

grouped step 13

Step 5

Next, gather all the wire ends together and thread on a tube crimp, secure, then attach a side opening calotte over the crimp.

step 14

Step 6

Attach a jump ring to the calotte end to finish.

step 15

Top Tip…

A small number of duo beads have holes that appear blocked or closed. This is a build-up of glass where the hole has been drilled; a common occurrence with glass beads.

We would strongly recommend checking each bead before you thread them and opening any blocked hole with a spare headpin or sewing needle prior to threading them. This will prevent any faulty or blocked holes delaying your threading process or spoiling the overall appearance of your design.


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