How To Make a Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet with Seed Beads

Using the Miyuki Long Magatama seed beads, you can create this beautiful Kumihimo snake like bracelet. It is made exactly the same as the beaded Kumihimo with Swarovski or the round Miyuki seed beads.

Because these beads are petal shaped and either side is different, to get the snake effect you need to thread the beads on all the same way. What! I hear you cry, don’t panic it does take a bit of getting used to when you first start, but you will notice the smooth flat edge on one side, and you can instantly see if you have threaded one on the wrong way.

Also I noticed when I made these bracelets they come slightly shorter than the other beaded bracelets, normally you would put 25 beads on each strand so to be on the safe side I used 28 even when mixing in the Swarovski, and this seems to be a better fit.


Another bonus with these seed beads is that their holes are a good size to fit through the superlon thread, so they will glide on nice and easy.

The Galvanised Silver colour looks great for this style; it reminds me of the silver Indian bracelets. Or for a completely different look mix it up and use two different colours, to do this just alternate the colours as you go around. I was really happy with the result especially with the colours I used Matte Black AB and Sparkle Orchid-Lined Crystal, they blend together so well. We have a great selection of stunning colours to choose from.


If you thread the seed beads on so they don’t all go the same way you will get more of a spiky look, which is also looks great, use Swarovski Crystals mixed in, to add a bit of sparkle. I used the Chartreuse AB and 4mm Swarovski Rosaline AB 2x, I love these colours together, I was inspired by the colours of the trees at the moment, the entire pink blossom and the evergreens.

 Nature is a great way to get inspired for beading and choosing colours, as all natures colours blend together perfectly

All the bracelets are finished with the Kumihimo toggles and hook and eye clasps I used the 3.2mm on all the bracelets.

So there we have it another new exciting style to add to your Kumihimo bow.

 If you are new to Kumihimo, then I would start off with just using the Kumihimo rattail just to get the hang of it. Trust me you will be addicted!



Emily Kersh

In House Designer




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