5 Steps for Embellishing Your Clothes with Beads!

Beads aren’t just great for creating jewellery. You can also customise your outfits by embellishing them with beads and sequins. Not only is it incredibly fun and easy, allowing you to feel like a real fashion designer, it also gives you a great reason to recycle that old jumper or skirt!  

What do I need?

  • Beads of your own choice (make sure they can go on a 40C wash)
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Ruler
  • An old piece of clothing
  • Cotton thread
  • A beading needle
  • Scissors

Step 1:

First decide on the beaded pattern you wish to follow. Take a piece of paper and draw an outline of the clothing item you want to embellish. Sketch multiple beaded patterns on the piece of paper to get an idea of what you want your clothing item to look like.

Step 2:

Lay out your clothing item on a work surface and lay on the beads to see if you’re happy with the design. You can use any type of beads you want, although you need to make sure they can go on a 40C wash.  

Step 3:

Turn the clothing item inside out. Take some tailor’s chalk and mark the places where you will be placing the beads. Make sure your design is centred by measuring the distance between the pattern and the ends of the clothing, and mark out the seams, as you don’t want these to get in the way whilst sewing.

Step 4:

Thread the needle with the cotton thread. Double up your thread, but don’t use a thread that’s longer than two times the distance from your thumb to your elbow. Tie a knot at the end.

Step 5:

Start sewing by finding your marks on the back of the fabric and pulling the thread from underneath to the outside and back again. Repeat about three times to secure your bead. Whilst sewing, stay close to your initial entry point. Once the bead is in place, finish by threading the needle through the thread on the underside of the garment, and repeat the whole process again for the other beads to complete the pattern.

And now what? You’ve just saved yourself dozens of pounds by turning an old clothing item in something completely new and unique!


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