The Beginners Guide for Creating Beaded Festival Jewellery

Beaded Jewellery | Beads OnlineFestival season is just about to begin, so we have decided to bring you a number of different tutorials on how to make jewellery perfect for any festival.

One of our favourite looks that you are almost guaranteed to see at any festival is the boho-chic look, which can be easily achieved with beaded jewellery, especially when stacked on top of each other.

One of the easiest pieces of festival style jewellery that you can make is a beaded bracelet. Not only are these suitable for jewellery making beginners, but they are super versatile as you can swap out the colours, shapes or types of bead for any that you like.

You only need a few pieces of equipment to make this bracelet and no tools are needed at all! To start you just need:



  1. Take your button and feed the cord through the holes so that you have two pieces of cord of equal length
  1. Take both pieces of cord and tie knot close to the button to keep it secured in place.
  1. Next, take one of your beads and thread it on to only one of your pieces of cord, then add one of the closed jump rings onto both pieces of cord. Do the same but using the alternate piece of cord.
  1. Continue this process continuing to alternate across the two pieces of cord. Ensure that the bead is threaded onto one piece of cord, then the jump ring is threaded onto both.
  1. Keep adding on the beads until you can comfortably wrap it around your wrist and once you have done this, tie a knot after the last bead using both pieces of cord. Leaving a hole that is big enough to fit the button through, add another knot to create the fastening. Make sure it isn’t big enough that the button doesn’t keep slipping out.
  1. To finish off your bracelet, add a few beads, or charms of your choice, secure them with another knot and then trim off the edges.


Its that simple!


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