How To Use 7 Strand Beadalon Crinkle Wire

The 0.38mm 7 Strand Beadalon crinkle wire is a great product to use if you are looking for a unique finish. The irregular bends in the wire create a rustic, less polished effect and as the wire comes in a variety of colours, it will cater for almost every style and taste.

We have recently introduced a new line of 8-22mm freshwater pearl beads and I was excited to find that they are sold by the string. The colour range is so beautiful; I would love to make different variations to go with every outfit. 


I decided to go for a mixture of Teal and Peacock because the beads are all different shapes and sizes, so the contrast would work well. With a beach theme in mind, I can definitely imagine wearing these on holiday with a lovely tan.

I have combined 3mm sea bamboo semi-precious beads with 6mm Czech faceted beads in shades of Pink/Blue Green and the Purple Iris/Aqua. These are mixed with 6mm Round Polaris style beads in Matte Red colour.

To represent the sea I decided to choose a new Swarovski  Xilion bicones colour called Provence Lavender-Chrysolite Blend, teaming that with 6mm Fern Green AB 2x as they compliment the fresh water pearls beautifully. 

Beads used:

Swarovski 4mm Xilion Bicone Bead – Chrysolite
Swarovski 6mm Xilion Bicone Bead – Fern Green
8-22mm Blister Freshwater Pearl Beads – Teal
8-22mm Blister Freshwater Pearl Beads – Peacock
3mm Semi Precious Gemstone – Sea Bamboo
6mm Czech Faceted Round Glass Bead – Pink/Blue Green
6mm Czech Faceted Round Glass Bead – Purple Iris/Aqua

I used 1.5mm crimp beads either side of the beads as I found these worked better when putting the 3mm crimp covers on.

Once all my lengths were finished I used the 3.5mm EZ Crimp end, I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these, they are so easy to use and look so neat. 

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Beadalon EZ Crimp Ends


I decided to make earrings to match my necklace and I’m so glad I did.  The crinkle wire adds something a little different to your jewellery. It manages to create texture and depth, whilst still looking delicate.

Having used this wire for the first time I was really pleased with the results, and I will definitely be making more Jewellery using the crinkle wire, maybe gold next time.

If you have you used crinkle wire before, how did you find it?…

Or  tell us if you prefer another wire?…


Emily Kersh

In House Designser

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