How To Make Silver Hoop Earrings using Beads

Swarovski Silver Night Hoop Earrings using beads

This is where we get to show you the brand new creations that have sprung from our Manchester based shop. This week we have been inspired by the sparkling Swarovski Elements and couldn’t resist making these beautiful hoop earrings. Some of the items used to make this piece may not be available online, but head into our shop to discover more hidden gems and feel truly inspired.

How to make Earrings using beads…

  1. Firstly, thread your seed beads and Swarovski bicones on your hoops starting with a grey Ceylon Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads followed by a Swarovski Elements Bicone Beads then a silver lined grey seed bead
  2. Repeat this pattern on both hoops until all the beads have been used.
  3. Trim approx 2mm off the end of each hoop before securing the wire at the top, making sure you use pliers to crimp the middle section.
  4. Link your ear wires to the top of your hoops.
  5. Finally, using your 7mm jump ring, link the drop to the second holes in your hoop so that they sit nicely in the middle.
Ami Milligan In House Designer

Ami Milligan
In House Designer

[su_spoiler title=”Products Used ” style=”simple”]

ID 13092 Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads – Grey Ceylon x22

ID 13131 Miyuki 11/0 Seed Beads – Silver Lined Grey x 20

ID 7044 Swarovski 4mm Xilion Bicone Bead – Pacific Opal x 40

ID 9677Swarovski 22mm Pear Drop – Silver Night x2

ID 4556 7mm Thin Jump Rings (0.8mm) – Black Plated x2

ID 3472 Fishhook Earwire – Black Plated x2

Earring hoops- black plated (from shop) x2





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