Beautiful Scrunchie Bangles, using a Dutch Spiral Stitch.

Ever since the Miyuki Size 6/0 Seed Bead arrived we have been itching to start creating some new pieces of jewellery.  Our Customer Service Representative and Bead Academy Teacher, Holly, has been using them with the 6mm Swarovski Pearls and managed to make these beautiful Scrunchie Bangles, using a Dutch Spiral Stitch.  

Holly has used the 6mm Swarovski Pearls to create a continuous spiral design around the bangle and chosen colours which complement each other well.  Two of these bangles incorporate the Size 6/0 mixes, one is Pebble Stone and the other is Evergreen.  We have found that using the colours from these mixes in a random order creates a gorgeous effect and really makes the Swarovski Pearls stand out.

This bracelet also looks great with just one colour base, for example the pink version is just made from Hot Pink Lined Crystal AB size 6/0 seed beads mixed with Rosaline Swarovski Pearls.

These are all securely held together by Fireline, this thread is great for any type of bead weaving because it’s one of the strongest and easiest to work with.  Is comes in 2 different colours, Crystal and Smoke, and blends well, so is hardly noticeable once your pieces are finished.

This will now be made into a new bead weaving class, taught be Holly at our fabulous Bead Academy.  Within the class you will learn the Dutch Spiral Stitch, in a calm and relaxing environment.  Once mastered, this technique can be used in many different styles of jewellery and with lots of different sizes and types of beads to create different effects.

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