Up and Coming Spring Colours to Work into Your Jewellery Designs

With spring not that far away, it is coming up to the time for us to start thinking about updating our winter wardrobe to something a little more vibrant. To help give you direction, we have sought out some of the most important colours for Spring 2016, according to Pantone, and how you can incorporate them into your jewellery designs. These colours are “influenced by the world of art”, focussing on colours that are calm and reflect the beauty of the world’s natural resources.

Out of the top 10 colours that made the list for Spring 2016, we have picked our favourite three, which we believe will really take off this year.


Rose Quartz

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 17.14.23

Credit: Pantone

The first in the collection is rose quartz. This gentle colour is perfect for spring with its gentle and versatile tones. A very feminine colour, this is perfect for necklaces and bracelets. We have a range of beads in this colour, ranging from Swarovski crystal bicones to rose quartz round beads.










Peach Echo

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 17.14.38

Credit: Pantone

A warm and friendly colour, peach echo runs in the orange family. This tone is warm and comforting, which would work well for a piece of jewellery to give to a loved one. Try mixing this with other soft tones for a charming combination, that would work particularly well for a spring wedding accessory. For a blend of both rose quartz and peach echo try our Swarovski rose peach bicone beads. Or if you want to experiment, try creating a piece using metallic peach leather cord.







Limpet Shell

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 17.15.09

Credit: Pantone

Straight from the aqua family, Limpet Shell is a fresh, clean colour that works best as an accent colour rather than a focus colour. Try pairing it with silver to really bring out its tranquil tones. If you want to make something a little more traditional try adding a Aqua flat black flower to one of your projects for a vintage kitsch edge.

You can find out the other colours that made the list on the official Pantone Website.

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