The wonderful world of beads & crafts

Did you know our shop has been in Manchester since 1993 and over the years we have met some very inspiring people. We have shared all of our jewellery making ideas with our customers and learnt new designs and tricks from them.

We have gained a lot of experience over the years and our shop has grown to become known for its vast range of jewellery making supplies. We have all the supplies you need to make jewellery including tools, beading boards, glues and adhesives, storage boxes and jewellery gift bags.

We have handpicked the best jewellery making books for our customers so they can learn how to make jewellery and learn different designs.

As many of our customers already know, we have thousands of different beads in all different shapes and sizes. Our shop is full of amazing colours and we really enjoy seeing people’s faces as they walk in.

Crafts have become hugely popular and anything handmade is considered to be very trendy. We have so many craft ideas that we decided to create a website dedicated to crafts

The website has a huge range of craft materials and accessories to help you be as creative as possible. We have always put our craft items alongside the beads in our shop, but we wanted to dedicate a whole website to the wonderful world of crafts.

We have every ribbon and button you can imagine, not to mention trimmings, sewing essentials and wool. Take a look at the website!

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