Pinterest: a new social media network that is perfect for jewellery makers

We have come across a new social media network that we think is great for ideas and inspiration for new jewellery making designs.

For those of you who have never heard of Pinterest, it is a social network that allows people to create online displays of their likes and interests. Users can create their own virtual moodboard by “pinning” images or videos they like and share it with their friends.

Pinterest has become hugely popular with women and has been dubbed “Tumblr for mums”. It is almost like an online catalogue where friends can share their tastes in a particular subject they like.

The site has become very popular with creative people, particularly in areas such as crafts and jewellery making. It offers a great opportunity to see people’s ideas and you often come away feeling very inspired. See what one jewellery maker has been sharing.

The site has a Pin etiquette that advises users to “avoid self-promotion” and to “be nice”, which is one reason why the site has become so popular.

We love the idea of having your own virtual moodboard. It is a great way to save all the ideas you have seen in one place and you can create lots of different moodboards for different subjects.

We like the idea of dedicating a whole moodboard to different styles of beads from around the world and whenever you comes across a bead that you like, you can simply pin it on your board and share it with your friends and why not start with our range of beads.

If you get chance have a look at Pinterest next time you are surfing the internet and type in ‘jewellery’, we guarantee you will be hooked!

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