Mustard Tree Charity Day

Recently in Manchester there was a ‘I Love Manchester day’ due to the rioting which happened, so to show our support we decided to have a little competition in the shop, ‘guess how many beads there are in a Jar’. Customers put money in and had a guess; we wanted to donate the money to a local charity, so we had a look around and found Mustard Tree. We raised £80 and Mustard Tree were over the moon!

‘The Mustard Tree is a Manchester based charity committed to providing life support for the homeless, marginalised and vulnerable across Greater Manchester.  We serve these communities through the provision of food, clothing, furniture and training.  We aim not only to improve live for the deprived communities around us but also work to care for the environment through continual re-use and recycling of resources for the benefit of those in need.’

Whilst looking through their website we saw amongst other things they hold women’s craft days, so we asked if we could run a beginner’s jewellery making class and they welcomed us with open arms.

So last Thursday I went and taught a class and everyone loved it, they made a necklace and bracelet. It is great to be working with this charity, and teaching these ladies, who use this charity as a support and to build their confidence …we had a great time. During the class we had a couple of obstacles, the room we were supposed to be working in all the lights were going to be switched off at 2pm (the time the class started!) so we had to move the class in to another room, which worked quite well as there was a big sky light above us, I started teaching then I felt something drip on my head looked up and there was a couple of windows open, it had started to hailstone, right on the beading table, they actually looked a bit like beads!!

I can honestly say that has to be the strangest thing that has ever happened whilst I have been teaching!

I will be running a 4 week course every Thursday and next week they will be making earrings. At the moment I will be helping  out and after the course the two ladies that run the women’s craft club Dot and Maria will carry on teaching the classes.

We are also taking part in an event they are running at the Mustard Tree a Ladies Pamper night on the 22nd of October, selling our Jewellery and all the money going to Mustard Tree.

Emily Kersh x

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