Blue Peter films in our studio with jewellery designer Fatz Kassim

The Blue Peter crew came to our academy in February to film a special Mother’s Day feature with our friend Fatz Kassim. She is an independent fashion and jewellery designer in Manchester who has some amazing ideas when it comes to making jewellery.

Fatz likes the idea of reusing broken jewellery and transforming it into something you can wear. It is a great way to reuse an item of jewellery that has something on it that you love such as a certain style of bead or charm.

The Blue Peter show aired on Thursday and shows how to make a brooch in the shape of a flower and a bracelet made out of velvet with a mixture of beads. Both designs are very simple to make using just glue and scissors.

For a step-by-step guide on how to make the jewellery items go to the Blue Peter website. There you will find two videos on how to make the

brooch and bracelet in time for Mother’s Day. The Blue Peter presenter joked that she loved her bracelet so much that she was considering keeping it for herself!

Fatz is a very inspiring lady to be around and we thoroughly enjoyed her company when she visited the academy. We loved her ideas so much that we have decided to hold a jewellery class with Fatz on April 7.

This class will be different to all of our other jewellery making classes as it will involve participants bringing their old jewellery that they no longer wear.

Fatz will help the class design and make an item of jewellery that they love with the jewellery they have brought with them. We will of course provide any extra beads that you need and jewellery making tools will be provided in the class.

It is a great opportunity to meet Fatz and see how her creative mind flows with ideas. She is very well known in Manchester for her designs and we are very lucky to get this opportunity with her.

We all have jewellery that we don’t wear but can’t bring ourselves to throw away because the materials that have been used are so pretty. Now there is the chance to use those materials and make something that you will love to wear.

In the next few days we will put her class online, so try and book early to avoid disappointment.


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