Jewellery making tools & equipment

One of our favourite things about being enthusiastic jewellery makers is building our own jewellery essentials toolbox. There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down, opening up your box of jewellery making equipment and diving in to see what you can create with the things you have. Jewellery making pliers have to be one of our must-have pieces of kit as they’re vital for squeezing jewellery findings into place and ensuring everything is secure. Step loopers are also valuable when bending or trimming metal wire, craft wire or copper or brass core wire. It also helps to create perfectly looped eye pins.

Beading needles also come in handy when stringing beads, pearls and sequins, but remember that since each needle is designed for a specific purpose, some are better at certain things than others. As much as we love beading, it can sometimes be fussy and delicate work that your hands alone cannot cope with. Sometimes you need a bit of extra help, particularly when it comes to hand-knotting thread between beads or getting a knot out of a chain. This is where Beading Awls can come in handy. With a strong, sharp point that’s useful for opening crimp covers, this is a versatile tool that you’ll soon think of as a life saver.

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